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Tattva Spa

Tattva way of wellness

Prithvi, Vayu, Agni, Jal, Aakash (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Sky) These are the five Tattva's or elements which are believed to be the core of our universe. Ancient eastern philosophy holds that the entire creation, including the human body, is a composition of these five elements. The balance of these Tattvas in the universe and the human body is the essence of wellness, and that is what Tattva strives to achieve for you. Tattva Spa is our flagship wellness brand.
Vilasa Spa

Vilasa way of luxury

Vilasa is Sanskrit for ‘Luxury’. The rituals are a rich holistic fusion of ancient Ayurvedic treasures of wellness and beauty. Vilasa service rituals draw from the purifying, nourishing and enriching goodness of all things natural. The experiences are profoundly Indian heightened by the luxurious spa environs. Embark on a spiritual journey to the forgotten contours of your mind and body; let us refresh and reinvigorate your life. Vilasa is our Ayurveda inspired brand of luxury Spa.
Unora Spa

Unora way of revitalization

Unora ushers you for a “Time to myself”. These oasis of tranquility and wellness are a breathe of fresh air in your busy lifestyles. Whether you travel for leisure or for work, finding some time to rejuvenate at an Unora spa will rekindle your spirit. Our professionally trained and experienced masseurs operate by the highest standards of hygiene and skill to help you rediscover a naturally radiant self. Unora is our contemporary luxury Spa brand.