5 Ways to Stay Stress-Free During Wedding Preparations

5 Ways to Stay Stress-Free During Wedding Preparations

Every couple dreams to throw the most memorable wedding ever. But the entire wedding preparation process(which often begins several months in advance) can be quite tiresome as well as overwhelming for you and your family.

Planning the event, sending out invites, visits to the salon, frequent shopping trips and the logistics are bound to leave you drained during the main event itself. So if you want your wedding preparations to go on as smoothly as possible, here are some points you need to keep in mind.

Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Preparation

1. Track Your Plans

It is often easy to forget miniscule details that end up causing a lot of chaos at the last-minute. So the best way to keep your wedding preparation process stress-free is to keep track of all the details in a single place. Use a diary, a note taking app or even a wedding planning app to keep track of all the details.

2. Keep it Small

Thanks to the pandemic, intimate weddings are the new-norm. So instead of planning a grand affair, restrict your guest list to just family and close friends. This will allow you more flexibility with the event planning and reduce a lot of stress and anxiety too. Not to forget, you will have more to enjoy the festivities yourself.

3. Delegate Duties

There is no shame in asking for help. After all, what else are friends and family for? Instead of juggling all the tasks yourself and having a mini-breakdown right, start delegating to your trusted people who possess special skills that might come in handy.

4. Hire a day co-ordinator

Don’t have a budget for a wedding planner? Or simply want to play a more active role in preparations? We highly recommended hiring an event coordinator to oversee all the last-minute details so that you don’t have to run around making arrangements yourself.

5. Plan Break Time

In between all the chaos, don’t forget to spend some quality time with your spouse. Every once in a while, take a break from all the wedding planning so that you come back reenergized. Opt for a couple spa therapy at the Tattva Spa in your city before the festivities begin (maybe one after the wedding too!) to reduce fatigue and destress your mind with our therapeutic body massages and skin rejuvenating beauty elixirs.

If you are planning the wedding on behalf of the couple, you can even choose to gift them a holistic wellness session with Tattva Spa. Our Spa Vouchers make a wonderful wedding gift for the happy couple. #GiftThatMatters

Your wedding is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life. So avoid all unnecessary stress to look radiant, cheerful and enjoy this joyful event with your partner.

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