8 reasons you should go on a wellness retreat


Knowing how much better life is when you take a vacation, we all take a breather from our crazy, hectic lifestyles, every once in a while. But instead of those over-indulgent regular vacations that you take why not opt for a wellness retreat.

Why a wellness retreat if you may ask? A wellness retreat is quite different and special from your usual getaways. Well, it is a vacation but a much more enriching one and furthermore likely to be rewarding for your body, mind and soul and whisks you off to an exotic location for about a week or two.

Unlike those extravagant holidays, that actually sabotage the whole purpose of relaxing- you run around sightseeing, indulging in junk food and partying, a wellness retreat, on the other hand, provides sanctuary to allow a deeper physical and emotional withdrawal from the strains and chaos of everyday life. Now doesn’t that sound like something!

Here are 8 reasons why you should definitely go on a wellness retreat

1. Away from the mundane.. away from home

Natural Wellness Retreats | Tattva Spa

Wellness retreats are always located amidst nature. They offer you something serene, different from home and enough space to wander into nature and breathe fresh air.

2. It’s the best digital detox

Best DigitalDetox | Tattva Spa

Unplugging is one of the best things you can do. Disconnecting from social media or keeping your laptop aside can be quite a challenge. A wellness retreat might just be what you need. You are literally banned from bringing your device with you to meals, therapies and many other activities.

3. You get wholesome meals

Nutritious Meals | Tattva Spa

At a wellness retreat, your meals are planned with the utmost care and made with whole foods. Here, it’s all about clean eating. If you are really looking for a great way to detox or even lose weight, here’s why a wellness retreat might just be what the doctor called for. Enjoy the nutritious meals, detoxing juice diets and deliciously healthy food that’s provided to help you achieve your health goals.

4. An opportunity to meet like-minded people

Group Activities At Wellness Retreat | Tattva Spa

The group activities offered at a wellness retreat can be the perfect way for you to interact with and meet like-minded people. Beyond these planned activities, you get to spend some time with each other by sharing ideas. Gaining more knowledge that you can take away from this experience is another perk.

5. Access to expert advice

Expert Advice By Professional | Tattva Spa

It includes meditation, healing treatments, yoga and counseling sessions by professionals who are all about helping you find the perfect balance and the sense of wellbeing. These sessions are customized as per your needs. They also provide you with practices you can take home and incorporate into your daily routine.

6. Be one with nature and heal yourself

Spa Treatments In Nature | Tattva Spa

You are completely surrounded by nature. The plush greenery, whistling winds and cool atmosphere give you the chance to be one with nature while reaping the benefits. It’s a great way to escape and let go of your worries while meditating or enjoying spa treatments in this ambiance.

7. Enter into a world of relaxation

Luxuriating Therapies | Tattva Spa

Not to forget the extremely relaxing spa therapies. Everything, from the serene surroundings to the luxuriating therapies is designed based on their ability to manage stress, migraines, back pain and several mental or physical problems.

8. An experience you’ll never forget
Since you’ve learned and tried many things you’ve never done before, it’ll be an experience to remember. Hence a wellness retreat is quite enriching and educative as you try to recreate all these new experiences once you’ve reached back home.

Like we’ve said, a retreat can be life-changing, it brings back the zest in life and gives you time to renew and feel as good as new.
Now that these reasons have convinced you, how about a retreat to unplug and create new experiences.

Check out the wellness retreats we offer and call us at 9999120413 for more information.

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