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At Tattva, we are committed to quality. Every single healer (massage therapist), beautician, hair stylist and pedicurist is trained on Tattva’s philosophy of holistic wellness. Beauty and wellness for both men & women is one of the most personalized services. Be it a specialized Lymphatic drainage massage or simple threading, all Tattva healers are professionally trained, continuously re-trained and back-ground verified to meet the standards of Tattva customer service. Our service and guest experience SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are regularly reviewed and evolved as per the evolving needs of our guests. Hospitality is at the core.

We refer to our spa team members as “healers” – It is our commitment to developing wellness as an induustry of choice with professionals and it all starts from respect for work and mutual respect between the healer and the healed.

We highly value your privacy and safety and work hard to ensure delivery of that perfect manicure or that relaxing massage.

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Complimentary 30 min upgrade to 90 min*
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