Are there any restrictions or terms and conditions associated with Tattva Spa memberships, such as usage limitations, cancellation policies, or renewal options?

While the specific terms and conditions may vary, there are typically some common restrictions and policies associated with Tattva Spa memberships. Here are some examples of what you might encounter:


Usage Limitations:


The number of sessions or services included in each membership package is typically limited and must be used within the specified validity period. For example, the Simpli Spa package includes 8 sessions, which must be used within 6 months.


Booking and Availability:

Appointments for spa services are subject to availability, and members may need to book in advance, especially during peak hours.

The availability of specific services or therapists may be subject to change.




Membership benefits are usually non-transferable, meaning that they cannot be shared with or transferred to another individual.


Renewal Options:


After the initial membership period expires, members may have the option to renew their membership. Renewal fees and terms can vary.


Refund Policies:


Tattva Spa may have policies regarding refunds for membership fees. It’s important to understand the refund policy in case you need to cancel your membership.

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