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Sleep, playing one of the major traits for our immunity, is still overlooked as a luxury by some. The times of social distancing, school interruptions, quarantines, work-from-home has led to anxiety disturbing sleep cycles for a vast majority of us. It has not been a secret that many corporates and organizations are filtering their staff and as they do, the thought of job security and finance management sidles onto our mind affecting the overall wellbeing.

The theme for this year’s World Sleep Day (it was celebrated on March 18) underlines the need of the hour “

  • Body fatigue
  • No mindfulness in diet plan
  • Feel tired and sleepy during day
  • Increased moments of day dreaming
  • Irritated behaviour towards everyone
  • Unhappy soul

All the above symptoms are result of lack of quality sleep.

Tattva Spa is the best spa in India offering wellness therapies across its 62 spas. Our services are well researched and our massages help boost immunity in addition to relaxing your tired body. Here’s how:

  • Kneading and pressing back muscles relaxes your spinal cord which is tensed through the daily chores.
  • The very famous ‘gliding rubs to the legs’ focuses on the areas of tight muscle fibers.
  • Massaging both sides of spine and hips reduces the firmness from body, allowing it to flex.
  • Kneading the oblique muscles to help bend the trunk of the body.

With the unfortunate closure of our spas we are not available in person to help you relax. But through our wellness webinar series AnyBody Can Massage, Episode 4 and Episode 5 our experts talk about how anxiety and world of technology have taken over our sweet dreams. With few acupressure points in our thumb and wrist, we might not make you feel sleepy, but this will certainly help in relaxing your mind of any stress. However, these are not the only techniques that will help you.

We often miss the prime suspect of any irregularities in our body – breathing. Yes, a little discomfort in breathing makes your mind restless and has other major effects on your body. Balancing the energy points through breathing and concentration took us through a journey of meditation while we tried to remove the blockages from our energy points through focused breathing. Yoga Nidra combined with this breathing technique – nothing can be a better solution to your stressed mind and disturbed sleep.

What is Yoga Nidra? How does it help in better sleep?

Often termed as ‘yogic sleep’, it is a state of consciousness where your body and mind are at rest and very relaxed. Through Yoga Nidra you get more aware about your inner self by providing a space to explore your long-held emotions and releasing all the negative energies.

Did you miss the sessions? Watch it on our YouTube channel as our experts take you through the Yoga Nidra experience and help you discover the energy points in your body.

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