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Ancient selfcare practices inherited from our ancestors


Maalish or a massage has always been known as a traditional form of healing. With the use of natural oils infused with pain relieving ingredients, a massage therapy is believed to rejuvenate your physiological system. With the right amount of pressure at the right touch points, a massage therapy accelerates self-healing and release the stress from our muscles. This not only induces self-rejuvenation but also keeps side effects at bay. How do I know which therapy is best suited for me? Every body has different needs and every therapy has different benefits to offer. At Tattva, we have curated Ayurvedic...

Spa destinations for monsoons

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This monsoon make nature a part of your relaxing and rejuvenating process; take a forest bath and a spa. The art of forest bathing comes from Japan. The focus here is to reconnect with nature and slow down. It is not about hiking or working out in a natural environment. It is about not being focused on electronic devices, walking around the forest, or simply lying on the grass. There is scientific evidence to show that natural surroundings help calm down the mind. For example, studies have shown that phytoncides released by the plants in our surroundings have a calming...


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Did you know that following a regular routine for self-care is far more important than using an expensive skincare product? Do not let the love and pampering that you provide to your skin and hair this monsoon be intermittent like the showers in Delhi. Make a routine that suits your lifestyle and take out time for your own self. Two of the most common skin and hair care problems during the monsoon season are acne and hair fall. One of them, acne, is caused by skin inflammation, increased oil production in the skin, pore obstruction and bacterial overgrowth. It could...

The Vital Connection Between Liver Health and Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Awareness regarding the importance of a healthy liver has been steadily increasing in our culture. Undoubtedly, the liver is one of our most crucial organs, ranking closely with the lungs and the heart in terms of significance. Serving as our primary organ of detoxification, it plays a vital role in protecting our deeper tissues from the harmful impurities present in the blood.    However, excessive exposure to toxins such as alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs, and environmental pollutants can have adverse effects on the liver, leading to conditions like fatty liver and hepatitis.   Recent studies have uncovered a notable...

Which are the top-rated spas in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad boasts several top-rated spas that provide exceptional wellness experiences. Tattva Wellness Spa, a reputed spa chain, is highly regarded among them. With its serene atmosphere and a wide range of rejuvenating therapies, Tattva offers a holistic approach to wellness. Their skilled therapists provide tailored treatments, including massages, facials, and Ayurvedic therapies, using premium products. The dedication to customer satisfaction and the emphasis on quality have contributed to Tattva Wellness Spa’s reputation as one of the top-rated spas in Hyderabad, attracting locals and tourists alike.

From Discomfort to Recovery: The Power of Massage Therapy for DOMS

The Power of Massage Therapy for DOMS

Did you know that the back pain you have been experiencing for months after lifting heavy weights or after overdoing exercise following a long break could be a sign of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)? DOMS is a mild injury that can lead to reduced force capacity, increased painful movement restriction, stiffness, swelling, and dysfunction of adjacent joints. Delayed-onset muscular soreness is a common symptom of overexertion, resulting in microscopic tearing of the muscle fibres.   It is not limited to intense gym workouts but can also occur from activities like standing after a long day of gardening or housework,...

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