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Mumbai, also known as the city that never sleeps has its own ebbs and flows. The work here never stops and neither does the struggle. Crowded trains and jammed roads make one’s life more troublesome and their health even worse. Working almost every day a week and sometimes even on Sundays, maintaining a social life, attempts of having a healthy diet, spending time with family, etc becomes really stressful and exhausting. Not to forget, the weather and pollution! It causes irritation of the eyes and throat, hampers your peace and causes anxiety and stress. With the pollution levels going up increasingly the air has started having harmful effects on body and skin. Modern-day lifestyle doesn’t allow much time to look after one’s self. With stress and hustle multiplying every day, our body’s immune system weakens and performance decreases. A spa day is an answer to these issues! There are different types of massages and spa therapies to choose from. These treatments help you relax, unwind and forget about all the hullabaloo going on in life. A spa treatment not only heals your body inside out but also appease your mind. While it increases blood circulation, enhances the immune system, helps … Continue reading De-stress at our spa in Radisson, Mumbai
Calling all brides out there! We know you all want to look and feel your best on your wedding. While your natural beauty will radiate through the roof on that day, a few pre-wedding beauty rituals will give you the extra oomph and confidence you might need. Let’s get you ready from head to toe! Facials Yes, you’ll be in the spotlight with all eyes on you. Worry not! Our range of facial treatments will give you the perfect glow that’ll make heads turn as you make your grand entrance. Shine Facial Our shine facial treatment enriched with essential skin vitamins will enliven your day and make your skin supple with an everlasting radiance. In this treatment, the therapist will also relax your facial muscles and enhance your blood circulation with gentle strokes. Young & Radiant Facial With this tailor-made facial, we ensure that your beauty knows no age. Our Young & Radiant facial for mature or neglected skin infuses the skin with scientific ingredients proven to slow down the aging process, repair damaged skin and restore freshness back into your skin. The result? Younger-looking radiant skin. Body Polishing While you give your face all the attention don’t forget about … Continue reading 5 Pre-wedding Rituals for Bridal Perfection!
Knowing how much better life is when you take a vacation, we all take a breather from our crazy, hectic lifestyles, every once in a while. But instead of those over-indulgent regular vacations that you take why not opt for a wellness retreat. Why a wellness retreat if you may ask? A wellness retreat is quite different and special from your usual getaways. Well, it is a vacation but a much more enriching one and furthermore likely to be rewarding for your body, mind and soul and whisks you off to an exotic location for about a week or two. Unlike those extravagant holidays, that actually sabotage the whole purpose of relaxing- you run around sightseeing, indulging in junk food and partying, a wellness retreat, on the other hand, provides sanctuary to allow a deeper physical and emotional withdrawal from the strains and chaos of everyday life. Now doesn’t that sound like something! Here are 8 reasons why you should definitely go on a wellness retreat 1. Away from the mundane.. away from home Wellness retreats are always located amidst nature. They offer you something serene, different from home and enough space to wander into nature and breathe fresh air. … Continue reading 8 reasons you should go on a wellness retreat
Heading to a spa for the first time and the idea of going is making you anxious? You might be wondering, what to expect when you walk through the doors, which type of massage should you go for, do you have to strip down completely or is it a good idea to have a meal before getting there and so on. Worry not, because you can literally relax once you’re there! Since you’ve got so many questions popping up in your head, we’ve got you a foolproof guide on how to spa, like a pro! Let’s take a look! Before you get to the spa… First things first! Make sure you choose the right spa and the one that fits all your needs. How do you choose the right spa? Well, here are a few things that you might need to take into account. Look out for welcoming and nurturing staff, right from the manager at the front desk to the massage therapists and of course, the spa therapies offered, whether they are exactly what you need. Make sure you book your appointment a day in advance as appointments tend to fill up quickly and while you are at it … Continue reading First time at a spa? Here’s everything you need to know