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Wellness starts at home… and we have complete faith in it. While we were finding new ways to connect with our audience and keep our promise of wellness sacred, we also watched out for our employees. Sitting at home for the past couple of months has drained everyone’s zeal to work. Managing the household chores while on a conference call is really a task. To avoid brain fog Tattva is developing various activities to engage with its employees. To start with, we first circulated a questionnaire asking them what it that they are missing the most is. It was unusual to see that all of them were missing coming to office but also heartwarming to see them missing the office. It is not an everyday sight, you see! And when we compiled the answers, it was their evening tea-time that was most cherished. So we came up with an interactive engagement session ‘Snack time with Tattva’. We pick a day, and everyone is asked to grab a cup of coffee/tea and any munchies. We gather and ‘hangout’. 🙂 A bunch of activities we did to break the monotony. Tattva titles As Tattva turned 7 in March 2020, we were excited … Continue reading Employee welfare during lockdown
If you have been looking for an escapade from the chaotic lifestyle that you lead, then there can be nothing better than resorting to healing rituals from the treasure trove of Ayurvedic and regional healing therapies. Indian healing rituals offer modest treatment for the entire body, making it stronger to fight any virus. How does Spa boost immunity? A regular workout activity of body like exercise, yoga or massage releases dopamine and endorphins. These chemicals are neurotransmitters i.e. they send messages to other nerve cells of our body, a sense of relaxation and happiness. As a widely known fact, it is the white blood cells that are capable of fighting viruses and infection in our body. Lymphocytes (a subtype of white blood cells) are more active after a regular massage. This happens when massage strokes stimulate circulation, moving congestion out of the body. Stress is one major element in our lives that compromises our immune system. Hence, pulling down the anxiety level is what massages helps in. Here are some of the unique, exotic Indian therapies and treatments offered by Tattva Spa that will boost the immunity of our body. Indian Abhyanga With specially crafted traditional Indian techniques by Tattva, … Continue reading Massage therapy in times of COVID to boost immunity
After a long pause, Tattva Spa is gearing up to serve you again. Past few weeks…. err…. months, have been quite tough for everyone. The stress of work has rather increased since our lifestyles shifted to living at home. The lines going blur between work and home have accumulated stress in our minds, affecting our body. Here is a piece of news that might shrug some stress off your shoulders and bring a sigh on your forehead – WE ARE BACK! And while we are excited to reopen and serve you again, we are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe space for our associates and guests. Spa is a practice that involves high touch and many times the question pops in your head ‘Is going to a spa safe?’ In times like COVID-19 infection, we understand the need of stringent guidelines for a safer space. Hence, guided by the best in safety and hygiene industry, Tattva Spa has adapted new protocols for our team as well as the guests to ensure safety at spa. We have also taken stern steps to temporarily discontinue few spa rituals from practice. Spa guests When you visit Tattva Spa be sure to follow … Continue reading Wave your stress a goodbye as Tattva Spa reopens in your city
As the lockdown have started to relieve in certain parts of the country, the air quality is bound to reduce with increased pollution. It comes as no surprise that air quality index in metro cities was only bearable, if not at its best. Emissions of harmful pollutants will only worsen the urban air. Ultimately leading to breathing issues to the city people or causing discomfort. While we speak about planet fitness, it is equally important to pay attention to the deteriorating air quality index. The environmental pollution leads to health issues that can’t be overlooked. We can look out for best air purifier for our homes, but what’s better than going all natural! Here are some tips to keep air at your home clean and germ free. Essential oils While we have always thought of essential oils for a rejuvenating massage, it has other benefits too. . It is no surprise that people often search for essential oils for skin or hair, knowing little how useful it is to clean the air around. Previously we have spoken about how essential oils put your senses to calm. Remember stepping in a Tattva Spa? How all the aroma packed in air immediately rushed … Continue reading The Science of Pure Air