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After a long pause, Tattva Spa is gearing up to serve you again. Past few weeks…. err…. months, have been quite tough for everyone. The stress of work has rather increased since our lifestyles shifted to living at home. The lines going blur between work and home have accumulated stress in our minds, affecting our body. Here is a piece of news that might shrug some stress off your shoulders and bring a sigh on your forehead – WE ARE BACK! And while we are excited to reopen and serve you again, we are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe space for our associates and guests. Spa is a practice that involves high touch and many times the question pops in your head ‘Is going to a spa safe?’ In times like COVID-19 infection, we understand the need of stringent guidelines for a safer space. Hence, guided by the best in safety and hygiene industry, Tattva Spa has adapted new protocols for our team as well as the guests to ensure safety at spa. We have also taken stern steps to temporarily discontinue few spa rituals from practice. Spa guests When you visit Tattva Spa be sure to follow … Continue reading Wave your stress a goodbye as Tattva Spa reopens in your city
As the lockdown have started to relieve in certain parts of the country, the air quality is bound to reduce with increased pollution. It comes as no surprise that air quality index in metro cities was only bearable, if not at its best. Emissions of harmful pollutants will only worsen the urban air. Ultimately leading to breathing issues to the city people or causing discomfort. While we speak about planet fitness, it is equally important to pay attention to the deteriorating air quality index. The environmental pollution leads to health issues that can’t be overlooked. We can look out for best air purifier for our homes, but what’s better than going all natural! Here are some tips to keep air at your home clean and germ free. Essential oils While we have always thought of essential oils for a rejuvenating massage, it has other benefits too. . It is no surprise that people often search for essential oils for skin or hair, knowing little how useful it is to clean the air around. Previously we have spoken about how essential oils put your senses to calm. Remember stepping in a Tattva Spa? How all the aroma packed in air immediately rushed … Continue reading The Science of Pure Air

Is your skin healthy?

by Tattva in Blog
‘How you feel is what you reflect.’ We have heard this statement many times. But never paid attention to the insight it gives us. It is difficult to stay positive in these times where you are restricted to go out, and are always surrounded by negative news. This can be seen on your face. When we say ‘Follow these easy steps for bright skin’ we do not mean a fairer skin. The colour is not important, health is. The major component of a healthy skin is the natural glow you radiate from within. There are many habits that affect our skin over the time; we often don’t realize how our urban lifestyle is stealing the charm from your skin: Dehydration– we take our body’s hydrating capacity for granted. Intake of fewer liquids, especially in India’s summer season actively encourages the body to several problems, one of them being unhealthy skin. Poor diet– with our uncertain lifestyle, our body tries to adapt to the changes but it has its own limitations. Sleep deprivation– Late night binging on Netflix and negative thoughts are taking over our sleep cycle, resulting in dark circles, not-so-fresh skin and open pores Stress – We understand that … Continue reading Is your skin healthy?
Sleep, playing one of the major traits for our immunity, is still overlooked as a luxury by some. The times of social distancing, school interruptions, quarantines, work-from-home has led to anxiety disturbing sleep cycles for a vast majority of us. It has not been a secret that many corporates and organizations are filtering their staff and as they do, the thought of job security and finance management sidles onto our mind affecting the overall wellbeing. The theme for this year’s World Sleep Day (it was celebrated on March 18) underlines the need of the hour “ Body fatigue No mindfulness in diet plan Feel tired and sleepy during day Increased moments of day dreaming Irritated behaviour towards everyone Unhappy soul All the above symptoms are result of lack of quality sleep. Tattva Spa is the best spa in India offering wellness therapies across its 62 spas. Our services are well researched and our massages help boost immunity in addition to relaxing your tired body. Here’s how: Kneading and pressing back muscles relaxes your spinal cord which is tensed through the daily chores. The very famous ‘gliding rubs to the legs’ focuses on the areas of tight muscle fibers. Massaging both sides … Continue reading Better Sleep = Strong Immunity