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While we all focus on our personal hygiene (and quite excessively in these times), we miss out on the real culprit and source of viral and bacterial infections – our homes! We know you ensure regular cleaning and sanitizing of the home, but you might be amazed at what all you have been missing. As always, it’s all about the detailing. Here is our list of specific areas in the home environment that we know you might be missing out on completely sanitizing: Utensils Washing the dishes is one the cleaning jobs that people are not very keen on taking up, especially when you have to wash those stubborn oil stained kadhais. With the magic of baking soda your job is half done and its bliss. Here’s how: Take 3 portions of baking soda and 1 portion water. Make a paste. Use a kitchen sponge to wash your stainless steel utensils with it. You’ll be amazed to see how great it works on the utensils, leaving an incomparable shine. If you get ample sun-light in your kitchen, allow the utensils to dry in the sunlight well before stuffing them back into drawers and racks. Any moisture that enters your drawers … Continue reading Wellness for your home – Beyond jhadoo pochha
Technology is an enabler in our daily lives. While the latest gadgets and devices are making our lives more organized, making the world a smaller place and helping us solve more problems, faster, they are also causing high amount of strain onto our physical and psychological selves. Our mental health is getting acutely affected with close exposure the “Instagram” version of people’s lives. That feeling of ‘inadequacy’ or desire to lead a more ‘fun life’ can cause unprecedented strain on our emotional capabilities. On an average, we are probably spending 11 hours of a day staring at some kind of screen, be it laptop, TV or your cell phone. We usually begin our day with one screen and end while watching another. Our travel time is also our screen time (of course we are referring to the pre-lockdown times). Our human bodies were not designed for handling such large screen times. It will probably take our bodies another 100,000 years to adapt to the change that has impacted our bodies swiftly over the last decade or so. In pre-covid times, we would have advised you to visit our spas to take a break from technology and find some rejuvenating me-time with … Continue reading Un-tech & Untangle – Your Spa fix in Lockdown
Had it been just another day, you would be booking your Saturday spa appointments with us, and we would be welcoming you in the comfortable environs of our spas across the country. We are all in lockdown, But you need not be bogged down You deserve to get rid of that aching frown As you are with the best Spa people in the town! Tattva Spa experts went live with their wellness webinar series – AnyBody Can Massage (ABCM) and the first episode – Social distancing from pain was focused on relieving stress related neck & shoulder pain and the ever prevalent sinus related pains. Here is a summary of the discussion from our Episode 1: Social Distancing from Pains – Preparing for Self care Reasons for neck & shoulder pains Reasons for sinus related pains Lymphatic drainage system What are the magic points for massage & acupressure? How to apply pressure onto the magic points? How to open channels of proper energy flow? Did you happen to miss out the webinar episode #1? You can now go through the same here (https://youtu.be/92oUt8difsE). Stay tuned for more exciting, informative, educative self-care wellness webinar episode of AnyBody Can Massage, every Saturday … Continue reading Social Distancing from Pains
Up to 60% of human adult body is water; hence it demands more hydration in this season. As we approach the grishm hritu or the summer season, our body demands more water. Experts suggest that our diet should have 50% – 60% of water content to meet the needs of our body. Our body uses water to maintain its bodily functions and maintain the body temperature. It loses water through breathing, sweating, digestion and other physical activities. It’s important to rehydrate by drinking fluids regularly. Lack of water affects one’s health; skin being no exception. Dehydration leads to dry skin, making the fine lines visible, dullness to the skin and deteriorating skin texture. Having said this, drinking excess water may also cause harm to our brain cells. Our kidneys get rid of the excess water every hour. Our lifestyle is such that we might skip regular intake of water in a day. Not to worry, because we’ve got you some tips for eating your water. To make sure your body is hydrated, include the below in your food habits. Low fat yogurt Ice creams and frozen yogurt have been summer favorites for everyone. Apart from being a rich source of calcium, … Continue reading Eat your water in summers – stay hydrated!