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Stressed before going to bed? As much as we enjoyed work-from-home in the early stage, now the concept is growing exponentially, and everlasting. The covid-19 lifestyle has not only affected our diet or exercise routine, but has a vigilant effect on our sleep cycle as well. Bedroom is your place of retreat from all the problems and world troubles. You engage all your efforts in decorating your bedroom space, so you can come back to a place that comforts you. With the lockdown, our bedroom has become not only a place to sleep but also, work and eat. This is not healthy! It is important that we don’t let these thoughts disrupt our sleep sanctuary. Here are few tips that might be helpful to structure your sleep graph and flatten that curve: Daytime tips Avoid intake of caffeine or alcohol, especially later in the day. This will just create a disparity in your sleep cycle. Watch out for an intense workout later in the evening. Develop a routine for your lifestyle to set your body in rhythm. Don’t skip meals; eat in time, even on weekends get up at your usual time. Taking naps in middle of the day keeps … Continue reading Good night, sleep well!
The relentless, never-ending home chores have taken a toll on our back. With the increasing activities of the household, the stress is also increasing, eventually traveling to our backs. “How to relieve back pain” was the most asked question in Tattva’s reach out to our audience on “What do they want to learn in massage and acupressure techniques?” When we researched, we found that about 80% of middle-aged experience lower back pains and we immediately set ourselves on a mission to try to solve this for the world – remotely, through our wellness webinar series AnyBody Can Massage. Now, this pain is not the only cause of jhadoo-pochhaa effect. There are many reasons behind it that we often overlook: Not many of us have a reliable work station setup at home. We are either turning our bedroom space into the work space or the living area our work stop. This results in an inappropriate sitting posture and finally giving stress to our back muscles. Even if our back manages to bear the stress we are giving it through bad sitting posture, the constant movement of work-from-home to work-at-home is not giving us an optimum time to give it a rest. In the … Continue reading Get ‘Back’ in Action
While we all focus on our personal hygiene (and quite excessively in these times), we miss out on the real culprit and source of viral and bacterial infections – our homes! We know you ensure regular cleaning and sanitizing of the home, but you might be amazed at what all you have been missing. As always, it’s all about the detailing. Here is our list of specific areas in the home environment that we know you might be missing out on completely sanitizing: Utensils Washing the dishes is one the cleaning jobs that people are not very keen on taking up, especially when you have to wash those stubborn oil stained kadhais. With the magic of baking soda your job is half done and its bliss. Here’s how: Take 3 portions of baking soda and 1 portion water. Make a paste. Use a kitchen sponge to wash your stainless steel utensils with it. You’ll be amazed to see how great it works on the utensils, leaving an incomparable shine. If you get ample sun-light in your kitchen, allow the utensils to dry in the sunlight well before stuffing them back into drawers and racks. Any moisture that enters your drawers … Continue reading Wellness for your home – Beyond jhadoo pochha
Technology is an enabler in our daily lives. While the latest gadgets and devices are making our lives more organized, making the world a smaller place and helping us solve more problems, faster, they are also causing high amount of strain onto our physical and psychological selves. Our mental health is getting acutely affected with close exposure the “Instagram” version of people’s lives. That feeling of ‘inadequacy’ or desire to lead a more ‘fun life’ can cause unprecedented strain on our emotional capabilities. On an average, we are probably spending 11 hours of a day staring at some kind of screen, be it laptop, TV or your cell phone. We usually begin our day with one screen and end while watching another. Our travel time is also our screen time (of course we are referring to the pre-lockdown times). Our human bodies were not designed for handling such large screen times. It will probably take our bodies another 100,000 years to adapt to the change that has impacted our bodies swiftly over the last decade or so. In pre-covid times, we would have advised you to visit our spas to take a break from technology and find some rejuvenating me-time with … Continue reading Un-tech & Untangle – Your Spa fix in Lockdown