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Humans and humanity have blended from the past few days to raise the war against COVID-19 . While all the government & medical authorities are taking necessary actions, with the lockdown extending for a few more days has given everyone stress. What are we going to do at home for so many days? How are we going to keep ourselves busy? Well, we suggest that you take a different approach to it. Why not make the best moments in this time that you can cherish later. Happiness is the cure of every disease and on the other hand panicking creates the sensor of sadness from jubilant vibes. Merely a smile is enough to turn your road of thorns into the carpet of roses. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to web an ambience of happiness in this lockdown period and to impart rejuvenating aura into our nerves so that we can disseminate it in our surroundings. Wondering how? Happiness is an inevitable season. You were always looking for a break to have a conversation with yourself, weren’t you? This is your time. Revisit your inner self and find the lost you. Unbox the happiness by picking up … Continue reading Web an ambience of happiness in this lockdown period
This March, our country and the world, has been shaken up with deep anxiety and a sense of uncertainty. Countries are coming together in growing apart to contain COVID 19. This March, as Tattva turns a chapter in having served wellness for past 7 years, we are working doubly hard to ensure wellness for all associated communities – our spa guests, healers, beauticians, hairstylists, spa management team, suppliers, vendors, agencies and other hospitality partners. Tattva has proactively closed down (temporarily) some of our Spa centers in the impacted cities and for all Spas that are open, we are ensuring highest standards to hygiene and safety for a calm and safe wellness experience for our guests. Safety & Hygiene First Tattva is deeply committed to ensuring safety & hygiene for our spa team members and guests. Here’s a sneak peek into what all we are doing: Cleaning and sanitisation of the spa facility is being undertaken with the WHO recommended sanitisation standards. Our hotel partners have well-trained housekeeping teams with the best professional cleaning equipment and materials who are supporting us actively. We have enhanced the frequency of the cleaning and sanitisation of all spa surfaces like door handles, spa beds, … Continue reading Wellness in the times of pandemic – Tattva Spa seeks your support
The festive season is the most awaited time of the year as it unites people and is full of fun and happiness. From attending one party after another and dancing your socks off, one can barely manage to take proper rest. Also, this is a fact that the festive season is not such a good time for your skin. Whether it is the stubborn colours of Holi or polluted air that your skin breathes during Diwali, all of them play an equal role in damaging your skin. Furthermore, make-up and other numerous products that you use during the festive season and high in-take of oily food make things even worse for your skin. Once this season is over and you finally get a minute to breathe, you’ll probably find your skin and beauty routine completely out of whack. The exertion, the tiredness, and the pollution will be reigning on your skin, making it dull and lifeless. The chances of landing into serious skin problems like skin dryness, skin rashes, allergies, acne, etc. are also at peak during the festive season. Therefore, it is vital that after you are done with all the fun and frolic, you pay heed to your … Continue reading Why must you have a post festive skincare regime?
India is the land of Goddesses. Women are worshipped here but yet the patriarchy has never paved way for women to lead their life as they desire. Being selfless is the trait that every Indian woman is born with and no doubt we are proud of that. But ladies, self-care and self-love are also very important. Giving yourself the priority and taking care of yourself is not a sin rather it adds more grace to your love for people because once you are happy only then you can spread happiness in your horizon. The gender versus gender-role debate is quite an ancient one. Where gender signifies your biological sex, your gender role is more of a social construct that governs the way the members of a particular gender are supposed to function and behave. This gender-specific behaviour is nothing but a myth and it is important to challenge and break myths of any kind. Therefore, this International Women’s Day let’s melt all the chains of myths and break away from the shackles of the ‘men do this, women do that’ debate and learn not to depend on others. This International Women’s Day, we encourage all the women out there to … Continue reading 5 Pledges that Women of India should take this Women’s Day