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Let’s face it, our feet do it all! Whether work or play, they are always on the move. Wearing shoes all day long, going to work, shopping, get-together, etc, we don’t give our feet enough rest. This is often ignored and taken lightly. Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body and we must take good care of them. The feet comprise of various nerve-endings. As a result, a pair of sore, bruised or tired feet can affect our overall wellness. From affecting our posture to reducing our ability to stand and walk, sore feet can indeed cause many problems. Our balance may get affected as well.  This apart, it is believed that the feet have sections that correspond to various organs of the body. When the correct amount of pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet, the organs begin to heal. From the heart to the intestine, the pelvis to the shoulders, every single part of your body can be benefitted by a good foot massage or reflexology. Basics of reflexology rests upon ancient theory revolving around chi. It is the vital energy that flows through our body keeping it healthy and healing. … Continue reading How to Keep Your Feet Happy?
From ‘Men will be Men’ to ‘boys don’t cry’, we’re all born into a world of prejudice. Contrary to popular advertising, whether you’re constantly on the move or plonked with your back on an office chair; men need spa days too – surprisingly more often than women! Read on to know the various benefits a men’s spa treatment offers and you will soon be on your way to your favourite spa. Spa days rejuvenate men Men work hard and they need to relax as well. After the mental stress accumulated from workplace and physical stress that men undergo during a gym routine, a relaxing session at the spa can be hugely beneficial for you. Here are some ways in which this can happen: Massages relax the mind and body – A massage offers physical as well as psychological benefits. While on the one hand it relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation and improves joint health, on the other hand, it relaxes the mind and drives out stress. It is, thus, tremendously helpful to get some massage therapy from time to time. A massage helps your body to release important hormones like endorphins. These hormones reduce pain and boost a feeling … Continue reading Men Need Spa Days Too!
The wedding bells are ringing! All the preparations are in motion and you want to plan that destination wedding you’ve always been dreaming about. So, how about celebrating your big day at a serene resort? While the food, cake, flowers, etc. are important, the venue plays a significant role in making the important day of your life all the more meaningful and memorable. Resorts are always a great idea if your guest list includes countless relatives and friends. And, of course, being away from the hustle-bustle of the city is another bonus point that helps you ease out those wedding jitters. The wedding and days leading up to it can often get stressful but here, you can not only have a lavish wedding but also reinvigorate yourself after the thrilling day you and your guests had with some soothing spa therapies. So before you decide on your favourite wedding venues, here are some incredible wedding destinations for your consideration. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Mysore Considered as one of the city’s best hotels, with top-notch amenities, the hotel offers spacious rooms and an open area for you to celebrate. You and your guests can destress from the day’s activities and learn … Continue reading Wedding destinations at a spa resort
Facial treatments are the best thing ever invented and the secret to healthy skin. Yes, it’s true! Facials can take care of everything right from blemishes, acne to fine lines and even pigmentation. Moreover, it’s extremely pampering! While you may have your skincare routine and facial creams, masks and DIY massages you do at home, there’s just something different about getting a facial done at a spa by a professional. The therapist there can help you understand your skin better, what it needs and guide you while selecting a facial treatment as per your skin type. They use the right techniques while applying the products and not to mention the gentle face massage to relax your facial muscles, drain out toxins, open your pores and let your skin soak in all the properties of the products to it’s best. Thus, leaving it with the dewy glow you wish for. So, if you are dreaming of that flawless, smooth and youthful-looking skin, you’ve come to the right place. Our facial hero’s come to your rescue to help you fight away those bad skin days. Cleansing Facial A simple yet effective deep cleansing treatment that helps exfoliate dead skin and blackheads and … Continue reading The 7 Best Facial Treatments From Tattva Spa