For the longest time, our understanding of the Summer Solstice (and Winter Solstice too) had been limited to the basic astronomical phenomenon. Simply speaking, on June 21st, the Sun travels the longest path through the sky, and that day therefore has the most daylight – Summer solstice. The importance of these key annual events for the human bodies has been a revelation. We love to reason and rationalize and not blindly believe the traditions. A chance hearing of ‘Uttarayan’ & ‘Dakshinayan’ at a religious discourse which we were unusually a part of, led to reading and research on the topic. So how do the Solstices impact our wellbeing? Traditional Hinduism believes that Uttarayan (winter solstice) is the beginning of the auspicious days and the next six months are for ‘enlightenment’ & all things good. Dakshinayan (summer solstice) is on the other hand the beginning of in-auspicious days and it is advised to be focused on ‘purification’. While ‘auspicious’ & ‘inauspicious’ are terms that have long been used to simplify complex subjects for the masses and get them to follow what is generally believed to be good for the human bodies & human minds. According to the Puranas, Dakshinayana marks the … Continue reading The Summer Solstice tells us to focus on our wellbeing with detoxification
As winter starts to exit, we start complaining about the summer season kicking in swiftly. What we see coming with this season is the dust, heatwaves and sweaty clothes. Stepping out in afternoon becomes next to impossible because of the rising temperature. And it’s just June yet, we’re only half way through the summers. How can one like summers over winters? We have an answer to it. Apart from the heat and dust, there are many things to appreciate that this season brings along. Like what? Season’s fruits How can we talk about summers and not include mangoes on our list? These golden juicy fruits are one of the few good things to come of the oppressive summer heat. Be it raw mangoes, luscious yellow mangoes or mango shakes, this fruit is definitely the most adorned ones. Apart from mangoes, fruits like litchi, watermelon, grapes seal the season. Easy breezy clothes Aren’t you already tired of layers of clothes? (specific to people in North India). Summertime gives you the opportunity to style yourself in some easy comfortable clothes and bright colours. You’ve got a ton of options and a million opportunities to flaunt your summer wardrobe. A variety of drinks … Continue reading Reasons to fall in love with summertime
Now that winter season has exited, it is time to bid goodbye to those cozy woollen socks and closed-toed shoes and let your feet breathe once gain by rocking your favorite summer sandals. But before you go barefoot, your feet may be in need of some pampering to avoid a faux pas like cracked heels or calluses. Here are few useful tips that will help flaunt your feet to the rest of the world once again. 1. Keep’em Clean  The sweaty summers can make your feet smell foul due. To avoid smelly feet and foul odor, wash your feet well every day and keep them dry at all times. You may also use the universal trick of soaking your feet in warm water. To relax, you may use lavender oil or just some salt.  Also, avoid wearing the same shoes for two days in a row and let them air dry to keep the odor at bay. 2.Don’t Forget To Moisturize As good as they may look on your feet, summer sandals don’t offer much cushioning leaving you with dry, cracked heels. This might make walking barefoot on the beach or sporting your favorite flip-flops a bit embarrassing and even … Continue reading 5 Steps Towards Beautiful Summer-Ready Feet
Holi, one of the most joyful Indian festivals is just around the corner. The mere thoughts of water balloon fights and vibrant colors may tempt you to throw caution to the wind. But there are some things to keep in mind considering the current scenario. Here are 5 things to be mindful of when you prep for your Holi festivities this year. 1.Pre-Holi Skin Care Rituals  While soaking in the sun sounds a welcome change after the long lockdown, it will increase the chances of sunburns and damage your skin. So, avoid exfoliating or getting any facials done a day before the festival. Instead, focus on skincare rituals that will keep your skin well-nourished. Skip the chemical-laden products and massage your skin with pure coconut or almond oil to keep your skin moisturized. And don’t forget to apply a good amount of sunscreen before you step out to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays. 2.Safeguard Your Hair Too In midst of all the fun, don’t forget to care for your precious locks. The colours can dehydrate your hair leaving them in a frizzy, tangled mess afterward. So prepare ahead and oil your hair before you head out to … Continue reading How To Prep For Holi in Current Times
So you finally booked yourself a relaxing spa session with us to escape the stress and  found the much-needed peace. And now that you feel completely rejuvenated and energized after your massage, you may be wondering “How can I make this tranquil effect linger on post-massage too?” Well, here are a few tips that will help you enjoy the post-massage feeling even when you head back home. 7 Ways to Extend the Benefits of Your Massage 1. Schedule Your Appointment Wisely If you want to soak in the post-spa feel as long as it can, it is all about the timing. If you book a spa in the middle of a hectic day or week, the effect will fade quickly when you step back into chaos. So it’s best to book a session at the end of the day or over the weekend to soak it all in. 2. Stay Hydrated One of the key benefits of indulging in a body massage is it encourages the drainage of lymphatic fluids to detoxify your body. So drink enough water post massage to further help the detoxification process and flushing out toxins and waste. 3. Go Easy on Your Body Heavy meals … Continue reading Let Your Post-Massage Feeling Linger On With These 7 Tips
Gone are the days when candlelight dinners and movie nights were your only options for a date with your special someone. These days most couples are opting to schedule a couple spa session as a date or to commemorate special days with their partners.  It is the new in-thing with couples, after all, a spa day sounds much more fun and relaxing. Here are a few reasons a spa date is a perfect idea to celebrate your special milestones. 1. It’s A Rejuvenating Experience Who would deny an opportunity to be pampered by aromatic oils and expert hands working on tensed muscles in their body? A spa is an ideal way to re-energize yourself and heal your body and mind with holistic wellness therapies. And when your partner joins you for the session, the whole experience feels even more blissful, leaving you with lifelong memories of this sinful indulgence. 2. It’s Innovative Romantic relationships often lose their spark with time as things start getting a bit repetitive. Dinner dates start seeming less and less interesting driving you and your partner apart. So why not try something new and innovative. A couple spa day is just what you need. It’s fun, intimate and … Continue reading Book A Spa Date: A New Escapade For Your Special Day
Wouldn’t you just love to pack your bags and escape to a relaxing gateway? Where all your worries would temporarily cease to exist and you could be at peace at last! Thankfully, a wellness getaway like this does not require much meticulous planning. All you need to do is get away from the city’s hustle to a destination that has more of a laid-back atmosphere for you to unwind.  And the destination need not be an exotic locale. It can be just a few hours drive away from where you live. Here are some amazing getaway options to choose from for your next holiday.  Getaways from Delhi, Gurgaon Tattva Spa at Aloha on the Ganges, Rishikesh With a breathtaking view of the river Ganga, the Aloha by the Ganges resort offers the perfect spiritual escape. The resort organizes daily yoga classes and visits to ashrams and temples with a peaceful atmosphere. You can also unwind yourself at Tattva Spa on the premises which offer Ayurveda inspired spa therapies that help relieve body fatigue along with calming your mind. Tattva Spa at Sterling Mussoorie With a picturesque view of Doon valley, Sterling Mussoorie is the perfect holiday getaway if you love hill … Continue reading Wellness getaways – How to plan for a truly relaxing holiday?
After a short hiatus imposed by lockdown restrictions, we are once again ready to help you rejuvenate your senses with our holistic wellness treatments. As Tattva Spa opens its doors to guests all over India, you may face a slight difficulty in booking an appointment at our luxurious wellness centers across the country. Read on to know. Why Is It Taking Longer to Book a Spa Post-Covid? The welfare of our guests has always been a priority at Tattva Spa. And in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have doubled our efforts to ensure the safety of our guests as well as associates. As part of these safety measures, we are not accepting walk-ins in the meantime due to which you may face slight difficulty in booking a spa appointment in your city. So if you are planning to avail our relaxing spa facilities, we recommend you book your session online in advance to get your desired slot.  Increased Safety Protocols  All our guests and staff members undergo thermal screening at the entrance. The guests are required to have a quick shower before the session begins at our ensuite shower facility. And after every session, the spa rooms are thoroughly sanitized. We … Continue reading Why is it Difficult to Book an Appointment at Tattva Post Covid?