Every couple dreams to throw the most memorable wedding ever. But the entire wedding preparation process(which often begins several months in advance) can be quite tiresome as well as overwhelming for you and your family. Planning the event, sending out invites, visits to the salon, frequent shopping trips and the logistics are bound to leave you drained during the main event itself. So if you want your wedding preparations to go on as smoothly as possible, here are some points you need to keep in mind. Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Preparation 1. Track Your Plans It is often easy to forget miniscule details that end up causing a lot of chaos at the last-minute. So the best way to keep your wedding preparation process stress-free is to keep track of all the details in a single place. Use a diary, a note taking app or even a wedding planning app to keep track of all the details. 2. Keep it Small Thanks to the pandemic, intimate weddings are the new-norm. So instead of planning a grand affair, restrict your guest list to just family and close friends. This will allow you more flexibility with the event planning and reduce a … Continue reading 5 Ways to Stay Stress-Free During Wedding Preparations
  Remember shopping your outfits, making rangoli, decorating your house for late night Diwali parties? Or maybe prepping up for a wedding, from sangeet rehearsals to dress coordination with all the bridesmaids. Or setting up a Christmas tree of enormous height in your house. For every festival or an occasion we always get set on our feet to make the event perfect. From planning to designing, to coordination and finally execution, we put in all our efforts to make the day celebratory and worthy. But what happens afterwards? After all the hulchul and hungama that has happened in previous days everything comes to standstill. And we realize it’s time to get back to our realities and responsibilities. Emotionally, it puts your mind in two directions – In the same celebratory zone that you are still hung over to Body heaviness from all the exhaustion Here are a few activities that might help you overcome your festival hangover – Opt for a hearty meal According to age old researches, an empty or half-filled stomach is one of the major reasons for any mood swings in routine life. During the flow of event, we get so energized that skipping meal doesn’t bother … Continue reading How to deal with your post-festival blues?
In earlier times massage was associated with medicinal activities to cure the muscles. But in today’s time having a massage is seen as a luxury. With Ayurveda’s deep knowledge we are successful in continuing the legacy. There are many internal as well as external wounds that a massage can heal. There are many misconceptions that people have about having massages. Some common myths that people have regarding massages are: Myth 1: Massage is a luxury. Truth: In current times people might think that it’s an element of maintaining luxury lifestyle. It’s now time to stop thinking of massage as a luxurious indulgence. The specialties of a massage therapy are built on the practice of applying structured pressure and vibrations on soft tissues of the body. It curbs back pains, alleviates carpal tunnel syndrome, eases knee pain. Myth 2: The effects of massage are temporary. Truth: The effect of any activity would remain temporary unless you’re regular at it. Massage, being one of the few cases in point. This statement is not actually a myth but it also needs a correction. A massage therapy is no magic but a science of how to relax your body and when it is deeply … Continue reading Massage myths out of order
After our previous blog we have received a few queries on skin care tips after waxing. While many women out there are still exploring beauty treatments at home, we are here to guide you in the best way possible. Here are few frequently asked questions on ‘how to wax your arms or legs at home’ and ‘is shaving a better option’. Can I replace waxing with razor? After our previous blog we received queries on how to make the best choice for our skin between waxing and shaving. Well, shaving does sound like an easy way to go about it, and also saves you time and energy. But waxing lasts longer. It gives you a softer and smoother skin that would last more than a week. With the use of a razor the hair growth is quicker than we imagine, and is not stable. How does shaving affect my skin? Excessive shaving leads to skin exfoliation, causing skin irritation and redness. Sometimes the skin starts to peel off; this is a sign that chemicals in the shaving creams are affecting your skin in a bad way. We are not against the motion when it comes to shaving, but you should … Continue reading Show some love to your skin – after wax skin care routine
Recently, most of us have explored our inner chefs, a passionate planter or a novice artist, and tried to keep our minds off the negative news. A major issue that almost all women faced in past few months was how to follow up with their beauty treatments for skin and body. We have tried every nook of an idea to be gentle to our skin and keep it healthy. While most of the salons are now operational and are taking extreme precautions for your visits, there is still a pin of doubt that keeps pricking in our minds. We are here to guide you on how to wax at home and how to select your wax. We are not professionals so it is important to understand the product you are about to use and how good it is for your skin. Learn about different ways of hair removal at home. Waxing strips Yes, these are first on our list as they are easily available and very smooth to use. Without any hassle of heating the wax and learning how to apply it and cleaning wax dishes afterwards, wax strips are pretty easy to use. Have you ever removed a band … Continue reading Expert’s guide to wax – Select what’s best for you!
In our fast moving lives it is important to be very concerned about what your lifestyle includes. Does it give you enough time for yourself, and how does it pamper your physical being? Being a person who is more mindful towards their thoughts and emotions in a way makes you more aware of yourself. Without being mindful you turn into a person who reacts negatively to uninviting thoughts. Next time when you forget to turn off the gas knob, observe how you react, or when your child spills his/her toys all over the place. Your emotions in an extreme situation like these would help you understand how mindful you are. But, what does living mindfully actually mean? ‘Mindfulness’ is a mental state to achieve a point where one focuses on the present moment and is more conscious to others’ thoughts and feelings. It means living in the moment, without allowing your mind to jump between the thoughts. Mindfulness allows you to explore the important aspect of your personality – acceptance. It restores the calmness to allow you make everyday decisions that impact your life in the long run. Starting a mindful practice wouldn’t mean you change yourself. It certainly doesn’t … Continue reading How mindful can you be?
Wellness starts at home… and we have complete faith in it. While we were finding new ways to connect with our audience and keep our promise of wellness sacred, we also watched out for our employees. Sitting at home for the past couple of months has drained everyone’s zeal to work. Managing the household chores while on a conference call is really a task. To avoid brain fog Tattva is developing various activities to engage with its employees. To start with, we first circulated a questionnaire asking them what it that they are missing the most is. It was unusual to see that all of them were missing coming to office but also heartwarming to see them missing the office. It is not an everyday sight, you see! And when we compiled the answers, it was their evening tea-time that was most cherished. So we came up with an interactive engagement session ‘Snack time with Tattva’. We pick a day, and everyone is asked to grab a cup of coffee/tea and any munchies. We gather and ‘hangout’. 🙂 A bunch of activities we did to break the monotony. Tattva titles As Tattva turned 7 in March 2020, we were excited … Continue reading Employee welfare during lockdown
If you have been looking for an escapade from the chaotic lifestyle that you lead, then there can be nothing better than resorting to healing rituals from the treasure trove of Ayurvedic and regional healing therapies. Indian healing rituals offer modest treatment for the entire body, making it stronger to fight any virus. How does Spa boost immunity? A regular workout activity of body like exercise, yoga or massage releases dopamine and endorphins. These chemicals are neurotransmitters i.e. they send messages to other nerve cells of our body, a sense of relaxation and happiness. As a widely known fact, it is the white blood cells that are capable of fighting viruses and infection in our body. Lymphocytes (a subtype of white blood cells) are more active after a regular massage. This happens when massage strokes stimulate circulation, moving congestion out of the body. Stress is one major element in our lives that compromises our immune system. Hence, pulling down the anxiety level is what massages helps in. Here are some of the unique, exotic Indian therapies and treatments offered by Tattva Spa that will boost the immunity of our body. Indian Abhyanga With specially crafted traditional Indian techniques by Tattva, … Continue reading Massage therapy in times of COVID to boost immunity