Book A Spa Date: A New Escapade For Your Special Day


Gone are the days when candlelight dinners and movie nights were your only options for a date with your special someone. These days most couples are opting to schedule a couple spa session as a date or to commemorate special days with their partners.

It is the new in-thing with couples, after all, a spa day sounds much more fun and relaxing. Here are a few reasons a spa date is a perfect idea to celebrate your special milestones.

1. It’s A Rejuvenating Experience

Who would deny an opportunity to be pampered by aromatic oils and expert hands working on tensed muscles in their body? A spa is an ideal way to re-energize yourself and heal your body and mind with holistic wellness therapies. And when your partner joins you for the session, the whole experience feels even more blissful, leaving you with lifelong memories of this sinful indulgence.

2. It’s Innovative

Romantic relationships often lose their spark with time as things start getting a bit repetitive. Dinner dates start seeming less and less interesting driving you and your partner apart. So why not try something new and innovative. A couple spa day is just what you need. It’s fun, intimate and guaranteed to rekindle your self and your relationship.

3. It Will Increase Affection

When you treat yourself to a massage, your body releases several feel-good hormones like dopamine, serotonin etc. to lower the stress levels and help you relax. One such hormone is oxytocin which is also dubbed as the “love hormone” as it is associated with trust and relationship-bonding. So a spa date will actually increase the intimacy in your relationship and help you feel more connected to your partner.

4. Lets You Spend Quality Time Together

It is hard to find some quality time together with your partner due to the fast-paced world we live in. So most couples usually end up spending the holidays sitting at home because planning a date seems tiring.

But by planning a couple spa date, you can escape from your monotony and spend some time with your partner at the same time. Choose from our wide array of massages and spa packages. The long kneading strokes over your body and essential aromatic oils will surely alleviate your stress leaving you with a calm mind and relaxed body.

If you are looking for an interesting date idea to spend Valentine’s day, wedding anniversary or even a birthday, book a luxurious and romantic couple spa session at Tattva Spa right away!.

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