Can I personalize a Tattva Spa voucher for Diwali?

Yes, you can personalize a Tattva Spa voucher for Diwali to make it even more special and tailored to your preferences. Here are some of the customization options typically available:


Customized Amount: You can choose the monetary value you want to gift, allowing you to select an amount that suits your budget and the recipient’s potential spa choices.


Artwork Selection: Some gift voucher platforms allow you to choose from a variety of artwork or designs for the voucher. This adds a touch of personalization and aesthetics to your gift.


Custom Image or Photograph: If you wish to make the gift more personal, you may have the option to upload a custom image or photograph to be featured on the voucher. This can be a memorable picture or a Diwali-themed image.


Personal Note: Including a heartfelt personal note or message can convey your warm wishes and make the gift more meaningful. You can write a Diwali greeting or a message specific to the recipient.


Scheduled Delivery: To ensure that your gift arrives at the perfect time, you can often schedule the delivery of the voucher for a specific date and time. This allows you to plan the surprise effectively, especially for Diwali.


These customization options provide a way to add a personal touch to your Tattva Spa voucher, making it a thoughtful and unique Diwali gift that reflects your sentiments and consideration for the recipient.

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