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De-stress at our spa in Radisson, Mumbai

Mumbai, also known as the city that never sleeps has its own ebbs and flows. The work here never stops and neither does the struggle. Crowded trains and jammed roads make one’s life more troublesome and their health even worse. Working almost every day a week and sometimes even on Sundays, maintaining a social life,...


8 reasons you should go on a wellness retreat

Knowing how much better life is when you take a vacation, we all take a breather from our crazy, hectic lifestyles, every once in a while. But instead of those over-indulgent regular vacations that you take why not opt for a wellness retreat. Why a wellness retreat if you may ask? A wellness retreat is...


5 Pre-wedding Rituals for Bridal Perfection!

Calling all brides out there! We know you all want to look and feel your best on your wedding. While your natural beauty will radiate through the roof on that day, a few pre-wedding beauty rituals will give you the extra oomph and confidence you might need. Let’s get you ready from head to toe!...


6 Important Tips To Control Your Coffee Addiction

We love coffee. We often call it hug in a mug. We love Soda. We love Tea, the standard tea and not the healthier Green tea. Basically, all of us love caffeine. Caffeine gives us a high and it spikes up our energy making us more creative and productive. A lot of people are addicted...

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