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Did you know that following a regular routine for self-care is far more important than using an expensive skincare product? Do not let the love and pampering that you provide to your skin and hair this monsoon be intermittent like the showers in Delhi. Make a routine that suits your lifestyle and take out time...

Blog 2

Spa destinations for monsoons

This monsoon make nature a part of your relaxing and rejuvenating process; take a forest bath and a spa. The art of forest bathing comes from Japan. The focus here is to reconnect with nature and slow down. It is not about hiking or working out in a natural environment. It is about not being...


Ancient selfcare practices inherited from our ancestors

Maalish or a massage has always been known as a traditional form of healing. With the use of natural oils infused with pain relieving ingredients, a massage therapy is believed to rejuvenate your physiological system. With the right amount of pressure at the right touch points, a massage therapy accelerates self-healing and release the stress...

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