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Wellness starts at home… and we have complete faith in it. While we were finding new ways to connect with our audience and keep our promise of wellness sacred, we also watched out for our employees. Sitting at home for the past couple of months has drained everyone’s zeal to work. Managing the household chores while on a conference call is really a task. To avoid brain fog Tattva is developing various activities to engage with its employees.

To start with, we first circulated a questionnaire asking them what it that they are missing the most is. It was unusual to see that all of them were missing coming to office but also heartwarming to see them missing the office. It is not an everyday sight, you see! And when we compiled the answers, it was their evening tea-time that was most cherished. So we came up with an interactive engagement session ‘Snack time with Tattva’. We pick a day, and everyone is asked to grab a cup of coffee/tea and any munchies. We gather and ‘hangout’. 🙂

Conference call at virtual office

A bunch of activities we did to break the monotony.

Tattva titles

As Tattva turned 7 in March 2020, we were excited to celebrate this milestone. We didn’t let the tumultuous times like these snatch away our fun. The voting for titles that was a part of the celebration was then conducted online through a poll. This was a fun activity and surely did its part when it came to bonding with the team. The titles were unconventionally named like, ‘Early bird of Tattva’, ‘Chill-pill of the company’ and so on.

Tambola time at Tattva

When the activity was initiated, everyone was clueless what is in store for them. The activity began with a questionnaire where questions related to 10th standard marks, 12th standard marks, number of dishes experimented in lockdown, birth date, favourite number, etc were asked. The answers to all the questions are numbers between 1 to 90. On the day of the activity everyone was given their ticket for Tambola. And as the answers were announced, numbers on tickets were strike out.

Never have I ever

You all remember playing this game with a glass in your hand and sitting with a group of friends. This time there was no glass and only virtual group, but still a lot of fun. Everyone was asked to take a break from their work and analyze their lockdown life. The current situation has made everyone do something that they wouldn’t have done it otherwise, like cooking or washing dishes. Or pursue a hobby.

Tattva workforce sending out message

Several other activities were conducted for Tattva’s spa associates. Having on their feet always, sudden lockdown hit quite hard to our therapists and managers. To keep them motivated and positive fitness activities were conducted. Initiatives like cooking competition, recording message for the guests, and for each other, sharing their fitness routine were also edged.

Apart from the fun part and creating a space for everyone to stay safe, mentally and emotionally, we at Tattva are very much inclined towards personal hygiene. Frequent communications have been circulated regarding the importance of hygiene of themselves and their surroundings, practices everyone should adapt and constantly assuring them that they are still a part of the organization.

Working from home sooner or later turns into working at home and makes a person lazy and non-productive.  With our initiatives we tend to maintain the positivity in the minds of all our associates. Internet has made it even easier to create a perfect virtual workspace at home while having the right balance between our work and personal life.

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