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What is a wellness Spa?

We are SOLVING everyday lifestyle problems. Tattva is on a mission to beat STRESS and make self-care a priority.

Franchise Model

Build your own loyal customer base that stays with you. An experiential lifestyle-oriented business that does well in every economy. A business that is supported by TATTVA, a well-known brand name, and run by select business entrepreneurs like you.

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    Why Tattva Wellness

    The motto of Tattva Wellness is to offer wellness services to everyone. We provide a holistic understanding of investment, brand development, efficient operations, targeted sales, and income generation. The goal of the organization is to deliver the best service and to solve lifestyle problems with a therapeutic session.

    Reasons to Join Tattva Family

    Trusted brand- In order to provide the greatest massage therapies available, we have a staff of 3200+ trained healers that are aware of your demands as well as those of your body. Our knowledgeable therapists ensure that only high-quality items are used and that all necessary precautions are taken to maintain hygiene.

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    Be a Wellness evangelist

    You are one step closer to being a part of a profitable business. To move forward please raise your concern at wecare@tattvaspa.com. Our representative will connect with you and take the process forward.

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    Complimentary 30 min upgrade to 90 min*
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