How can I purchase a Tattva Spa voucher for Diwali?

To purchase a Tattva Spa voucher for Diwali, you can follow these steps:


Visit the Official Website:


Go to the official Tattva Spa website. You can do this by searching for “Tattva Spa” in your preferred search engine.
Navigate to the Gift Voucher Section:


Look for a section on the website related to gift vouchers or gift cards. It may be labeled as “Gift Vouchers,” “Gift Cards,” or something similar.

Choose the Voucher Type:


Select the type of voucher you want to purchase. Tattva Spa typically offers various options, such as monetary value vouchers or specific spa packages.

Customize Your Voucher (If Available):


Some websites allow you to customize the voucher with a personalized message or design. Follow the prompts to add any personal touches if desired.

Add to Cart and Check Out:


Add the chosen voucher to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page.
Provide Payment Information:


Enter your payment information, which may include credit card details, debit card details, or other payment methods supported by the website.

Review and Confirm:


Review your order to ensure all details are correct, including the recipient’s name and any personalized messages.
Make the Purchase:


Confirm your purchase by clicking the “Place Order” or “Buy Now” button. You may receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

Receive the Voucher:


After the purchase is complete, you should receive the Tattva Spa voucher electronically. This may come in the form of an e-gift card or a printable PDF.

Gift the Voucher:


Present the voucher to the recipient in a thoughtful manner, either electronically or by printing it out and placing it in a Diwali card or gift envelope.

Additionally, if you prefer an in-person experience, you can visit a Tattva Spa location near you and inquire about purchasing physical gift vouchers at the spa reception.

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