How do I redeem a Tattva spa gift card for Diwali?

To redeem a Tattva Spa gift card for Diwali or any other occasion, you can typically follow these steps:


Choose a Service: Visit the Tattva Spa outlet where you’d like to enjoy your spa experience. You can check the available services and choose the one you prefer.


Inform the Staff: Inform the spa staff that you have a Tattva Spa gift card that you’d like to redeem. They will guide you through the process.


Provide the Gift Card: Hand over the physical or electronic gift card to the spa staff for verification. They will check the card’s balance and ensure it is valid.


Select Your Treatments: Discuss with the spa staff which treatments or services you’d like to enjoy using the gift card’s balance. You may choose from a range of spa services like massages, facials, scrubs, and more.


Enjoy Your Spa Experience: Once your gift card has been verified and the treatments are selected, you can proceed to enjoy your spa experience.


Payment: If the cost of the selected services exceeds the gift card’s balance, you will be required to pay the difference using an alternate payment method.


Feedback and Gratuity: After your spa experience, you can provide feedback and consider leaving gratuity for the spa staff if it’s not included in the gift card’s balance.

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