How much does Tattva Spa franchise cost in Indore ?

Indore, often referred to as the “Mini Mumbai,” is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh and a thriving commercial and cultural hub. With its rapid urban development, Indore has become an attractive destination for professionals and entrepreneurs. This city’s fast-paced lifestyle has also given rise to a growing awareness of the importance of wellness and relaxation. Indore’s strategic location and economic growth have led to an influx of residents and businesses, creating a need for quality wellness services. Tattva Spa can fill this need by offering top-notch spa experiences that cater to both physical and mental well-being. The city’s upwardly mobile population values convenience and quality, making it an ideal market for a Tattva Spa franchise.


Tattva Spa provides two franchise formats:


Tattva Pavilion Spa: This compact format specializes in express spa services, such as foot reflexology and head massages. The initial investment typically ranges from 15 lakhs INR to 20 lakhs INR.


Tattva Wellness Spa: For a more extensive spa experience, including massages, facials, and body treatments, this full-format option is available. The initial investment for this format usually falls between 30 lakhs INR and 40 lakhs INR.


Investing in a Tattva Spa franchise in Indore offers the opportunity to provide wellness solutions to the city’s growing population. As a renowned spa brand, Tattva Spa ensures that franchisees can thrive in a location that values both modern urban living and holistic well-being.

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