How to deal with your post-festival blues?


Remember shopping your outfits, making rangoli, decorating your house for late night Diwali parties? Or maybe prepping up for a wedding, from sangeet rehearsals to dress coordination with all the bridesmaids. Or setting up a Christmas tree of enormous height in your house. For every festival or an occasion we always get set on our feet to make the event perfect. From planning to designing, to coordination and finally execution, we put in all our efforts to make the day celebratory and worthy.

But what happens afterwards?

After all the hulchul and hungama that has happened in previous days everything comes to standstill. And we realize it’s time to get back to our realities and responsibilities.

Emotionally, it puts your mind in two directions –

  • In the same celebratory zone that you are still hung over to
  • Body heaviness from all the exhaustion

Here are a few activities that might help you overcome your festival hangover –

Opt for a hearty meal

According to age old researches, an empty or half-filled stomach is one of the major reasons for any mood swings in routine life. During the flow of event, we get so energized that skipping meal doesn’t bother us. To cure post festive blues treat you with good food. Good food doesn’t necessarily mean eating junk, you might indulge in a simple meal, but it should be a hearty meal.

Give yourself some rest

While you were only thinking about one thing during the celebrations – to party hard and throw all inhibitions in the wind, your sleep definitely gets compromised in the course. To deal with your post festive hangover it is best to prioritize sleep for a few days. Avoid late night binging and alcohol. Sleeping allows your body and mind to get adequate rest and heal the aches.

Sound therapy

No, there’s no such word. What we mean is listen to some light beat music and let your mind travel the world, while your body is resting. Music heals! Not only broken hearts, but also broken feet. Your feet are definitely causing you trouble from all the dancing and bouncing at places from the party. Put on a soothing playlist, make yourself a cup of coffee and put your feet to rest.

Rejuvenate at a spa

A spa session indeed is a relaxing way of distressing yourself. Over the days our mind and body gets so exhausted and a day at the spa is always a good place to revive your senses. With various techniques a spa therapist treats the aches and pains of your tired body, flushing out all the stress gained at the wedding/party.

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