How to Keep Your Feet Happy?


Let’s face it, our feet do it all! Whether work or play, they are always on the move. Wearing shoes all day long, going to work, shopping, get-together, etc, we don’t give our feet enough rest. This is often ignored and taken lightly.

Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body and we must take good care of them. The feet comprise of various nerve-endings. As a result, a pair of sore, bruised or tired feet can affect our overall wellness. From affecting our posture to reducing our ability to stand and walk, sore feet can indeed cause many problems. Our balance may get affected as well. 

This apart, it is believed that the feet have sections that correspond to various organs of the body. When the correct amount of pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet, the organs begin to heal. From the heart to the intestine, the pelvis to the shoulders, every single part of your body can be benefitted by a good foot massage or reflexology.

Basics of reflexology rests upon ancient theory revolving around chi. It is the vital energy that flows through our body keeping it healthy and healing. When a person is stressed their body blocks chi causing an imbalance in the body and leading to illness. 

Keep your feet on the go

Here are some tips to treat your feet right and get immediate relief from sore foot: 

  • Fill a bottle of two-thirds with tap water and freeze it. Take it out and roll in under your feet in a rhythmic motion. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get immediate relief from foot discomfort at home.
  • Loop a strap or a towel around your toes. Sit on the floor and stretch your legs straight out and keep your knees straight. Gently pull the strap inwards, release and then repeat.
  • Whether you suffer from chronic conditions such as digestive issues or headaches or a more serious condition such as arthritis, you can benefit a lot from the reflexology services.

How to Keep Your Feet Happy

That’s right, a foot reflexology can benefit you in a lot of ways. Here are some benefits you get after the reflexology and leg fatigue reliever services from Tattva:

  • Relief from aches -Not just your feet, but your entire body gets free of aches and pains after such a message.
  • Immunity boost – There  is a huge boost to your immunity and you realise you fall ill less frequently when you get a foot reflexology massage done from time to time.
  • Better circulation – Reflexology performed by a trained reflexologist helps to improve the blood circulation in your body and that improves your health to a great extent.
  • Relieves anxiety – This is one of the most comfortable and relaxing massages and so you get instant relief from stress and anxiety. This also leads to better sleep and makes you healthy and happy from within.
  • Controls hypertension – Many clients have reported lower blood pressure levels immediately after a foot reflexology massage.
  • Great for moms-to-be- Yes, you can still get a foot massage when you’re pregnant. A reflexology foot massage can ease ailment during pregnancy, assist conception and encourage natural labour. However, there are certain areas near your ankles and on your feet that you need to be steered clear of to avoid encouraging uterine contractions

Now that you know what wonders a reflexology massage can do for you, go ahead and book an appointment at your nearest Tattva Spa to get all the wonderful benefits mentioned above.

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