How To Prep For Holi in Current Times

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Holi, one of the most joyful Indian festivals is just around the corner. The mere thoughts of water balloon fights and vibrant colors may tempt you to throw caution to the wind. But there are some things to keep in mind considering the current scenario. Here are 5 things to be mindful of when you prep for your Holi festivities this year.

1.Pre-Holi Skin Care Rituals 

While soaking in the sun sounds a welcome change after the long lockdown, it will increase the chances of sunburns and damage your skin. So, avoid exfoliating or getting any facials done a day before the festival.

Instead, focus on skincare rituals that will keep your skin well-nourished. Skip the chemical-laden products and massage your skin with pure coconut or almond oil to keep your skin moisturized. And don’t forget to apply a good amount of sunscreen before you step out to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays.

2.Safeguard Your Hair Too

In midst of all the fun, don’t forget to care for your precious locks. The colours can dehydrate your hair leaving them in a frizzy, tangled mess afterward. So prepare ahead and oil your hair before you head out to make detangling easier. Both coconut oil and castor oil are great choices and will help avoid breakage and frizzy hair too.

3.Pick Your Colors Wisely

Most Holi colors available in the market are made with harmful chemicals and artificial dyes that can damage your skin and hair and even cause severe allergic reactions. So buy only herbal or organic colors that are made with safe, natural ingredients like turmeric, indigo and henna that won’t irritate your skin. They are also less likely to leave stains on your skin and clothes and safer for the environment too.

4.Reduce Water Wastage

While we enjoy the festivities to the fullest, let’s not forget about the planet. We are already on the brink of water scarcity and with the summers just around the corner, we cannot afford to waste any more water. So, try to keep your celebrations as sustainable as possible and say no water balloons and pichkaris. Celebrate a dry and colourful Holi and save as much water as you can.

5.Distance While Celebrating

The vaccines may have arrived but the Covid threat is still looming in the air. We sincerely advice to stay safe and maintain social distancing during the festivities. Skip large gatherings and crowded places and have a small-scale intimate celebration.

Also, keep sanitizer bottles handy and wash your hands as much as you can.

Wishing You All a Safe, Happy and Colorful Holi!!

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