Massage myths out of order



In earlier times massage was associated with medicinal activities to cure the muscles. But in today’s time having a massage is seen as a luxury. With Ayurveda’s deep knowledge we are successful in continuing the legacy. There are many internal as well as external wounds that a massage can heal. There are many misconceptions that people have about having massages. Some common myths that people have regarding massages are:

Myth 1: Massage is a luxury.

Truth: In current times people might think that it’s an element of maintaining luxury lifestyle. It’s now time to stop thinking of massage as a luxurious indulgence. The specialties of a massage therapy are built on the practice of applying structured pressure and vibrations on soft tissues of the body. It curbs back pains, alleviates carpal tunnel syndrome, eases knee pain.

Myth 2: The effects of massage are temporary.

Truth: The effect of any activity would remain temporary unless you’re regular at it. Massage, being one of the few cases in point. This statement is not actually a myth but it also needs a correction. A massage therapy is no magic but a science of how to relax your body and when it is deeply exhausted. Like a regular sleep or exercise keeps you on the go, similarly massage maintains its healing effects if taken regularly.

Myth 3: It’s not a good massage unless it hurts.

Truth: Absolutely not! Every body, every muscle and every pain reacts differently to massages. It is not necessary that your body will be sore to make you feel the healing effects of a good massage. However, it is very normal to feel sore after a massage. The reason is the massage techniques carry blood and various nutrients to your muscles, eliminating the toxins. After a massage you might feel little soreness in your muscles, this is a physical response to the inflammation as your body heals.

Myth 4: I don’t need water after the massage.

Truth: Actually, you do! Many times we think what we are told as extra precautionary measure is unnecessary. But when we say ‘Drinking water after massage is important’, trust us. The hand techniques in a massage therapy put pressure on the muscles, clearing their blockage. When your neck, head and shoulders get massaged, it stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, driving out toxins. A glass of water after the massage helps to flush out the toxins out of your body. Avoiding water might result into a slight headache. Avoid any other fluid to replace water here.

Myth 5: Don’t interrupt the therapist during the therapy.

Truth: When the spas say this, it means to maintain silence and do only the necessary talking. We say, do interrupt! If a certain point hurts too much then you should point it out to the therapist. Every body’s resistance is different; hence, it is important to guide your therapist if the pressure has to be light or hard and what all areas to focus on. It is better to have a little chat before you begin the therapy on what you want from the session and if the therapists should take care of any specifics.

After the massage myths are put in order, we presume your next search would be ‘spas near me’. Go ahead and book a spa, and feel your worries slide away.

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