Beauty and Spa Services at Tattva Spa
Tattva Spa offers a holistic range of beauty and spa services ranging from massages, facials, body scrubs, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, hair spa and luxurious wellness retreats.
Express Massages

The essence of Tattva massages is 'Sparsa' or touch based on Indian Ayurveda that strives to attain harmony & balance of the elements in the human body.

Tattva healers will pamper you with carefully chosen authentic aromatic oil blends. All our massages start with a short breathing exercise to alleviate stress and calm your mind. Choose from a range of Indian and international massages that best suit your needs.

Swedish Massage
This traditional technique works with light to medium pressure with long kneading & gliding strokes. The massage is helpful in reinforcing your oxygen level in the blood, enhancing your blood circulation, as well as easing tension. Variants of Aromatherapy available.
Deep Tissue Massage
The deep tissue massage therapy focuses on the deeper layers of your body tissues, ligaments, and fascia to release all your inner tension. Highly customized for your needs, our healer will focus on relieving pain from specific muscle regions leaving you deeply relaxed.
Aromatherapy Massage
Enjoy the dual benefits of body massage and aromatherapy. This soothing body massage involves the use of long kneading strokes over your body. The aroma from essential aromatic oils will stimulate your mind and ease stress. Experience a feeling of absolute relaxation and wellness.
Hot Stone Therapy
Hot Stone Massage aims to relax deep muscle and tissue. The technique uses appropriately treated and heated stones, which are placed at Chakra points on your body. The warmth opens up the elemental energy pathways of the body, improving the circulation and calming the nervous system. Through this gentle massage, the masseur is able to reach ten times deeper than a regular hand massage!
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
In this highly effective technique, our Healer softly pumps at your lymphatic nodes in circular rhythmic movements. Regular practice boosts the immune system, remove system blockages, leading to good health and vitality.
Thai Yoga Massage Signature
A signature massages ~ combination of Thai & Yoga stretches coupled with a oil massage. In this massage, our Healer will use his/her own body weight to move you into a series of Yoga-like stretches. The massage is then done on pressure points over the body. Experience the benefits of doing yoga without any work!
Sparsa Massage Signature
Indulge all your sensory elements in sheer luxury & pampering with our signature massage therapy. Let the finest of natural exotic essential oils, honey and milk nourish and revitalize your skin. Surrender yourself to a state of absolute bliss!
Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage
In this traditional Indian technique, your body is massaged with the finest herbal oil inspired from ancient Indian Ayurveda. This helps reduce your body fatigue and knots in the muscles. This medium-pressure massage helps relax your mind and detoxifies your body. Sit back and let our healers bring the old magic back to life by relaxing your mind and body.
Ayurvedic Poultice Massage
A massage based on the Ayurvedic principles of therapeutic application of warmth. The healer massages your body with linen Potalis, stuffed with essential herbs and therapeutic oils. This results in detoxification of the body and helps in rebalancing the natural body energy. Extremely relaxing for muscular and joint pains.
A specialized herbal therapy for weight reduction which breaks down the subcutaneous cellulite storage while retaining the texture and complexion of the skin, without causing wrinkles and sagging. The massage also helps to strengthen your muscles.
Ayurvedic Shirodhara Massage
This therapy involves a consistent flow of warm oil over the forehead, and specifically the 'third eye'. This is the chakra point just above and between the eyebrows and is said to be the seat of human consciousness. The oils are allowed to flow over the scalp and through the hair. Experience a blissful sensation with this Ayurvedic oil massage.

Tattva welcomes you to experience 'express' messages that de-stress and reinvigorate you. These short yet surprisingly effective therapies will leave you asking for more!

Foot Massage
Bases on the techniques of reflexology, our Healer works carefully on the reflex zones of your tired feet, balancing the energy flow in your body. You'll leave our premises with a new spring in your step!
Option of aromatic foot oil or a soothing foot massage cream available at select locations.
Head Massage
Boost your clarity of thought and concentration power by the traditional head massage. This technique releases stress as tension is eased out of tight muscles in the head and upper neck region. Our signature brew of hair nourishing herbal oil will invigorate the body, balance the Chakras and infuse a sense of deep calm and relaxation.
Option of nourishing hair oil also available at select locations.
Back Massage
This stimulating massage therapy uses a variety of techniques to soothe your stressed back and shoulders, and relieve sore muscles. The firm pressure applied will release knots leaving you strengthened and recharged for the rest of the day. Providing you the vital Back Support.
Travel Energizer Massage
The Healer welcomes you with our foot massage based on the eastern techniques of reflexology, followed by a de-stressing massage of the upper back, neck & scalp. Nothing like this to beat the travel-lag.
Lymphatic Face Massage
Enjoy the benefits of a detoxifying lymphatic drainage facial massage to comfort aching temples and facial tension. Your face and skin will exude vitality. Very effective in relieving sinusitis related headaches and stuffiness.
Neck & Shoulder Rub
This invigorating neck and shoulders massage, alleviates stress and improves posture by loosening stiff muscles of your upper back ~ performed using the pressure point technique. Option of dry & with oil available