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Hair Spa

Our masseur pampers you with a pressure point head massage, followed by the application of our unique Indian Triphala Rasayana hair mask that imparts deep conditioning for healthy hair. As a result of this, you will witness improved texture with restored shine and softness.

Facial Therapy

What is a Facial Therapy? Facial therapy cleanses and replenishes your skin. The whole process tends to make your skin more supple and gives you a feeling of freshness. These are the basic steps of facial therapy. What to expect? The benefits of a back massage go way beyond and here’s why you should get...

Body Wrap

Our Body Wraps are carefully designed to hydrate the skin, detox, and tone or slim down your body. It is a great way to pamper yourself and promote wellness. A soothing body pack will be applied to your body and you will be wrapped so that the body absorbs all the essential nutrients. These body...


The essence of Tattva massages is ‘Sparsa’ or touch based on Indian Ayurveda that strives to attain harmony & balance of the elements in the human body. Tattva healers will pamper you with carefully chosen authentic aromatic oil blends. All our massages start with a short breathing exercise to alleviate stress and calm your mind....

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Complimentary 30 min upgrade to 90 min*
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