Planning your V-day date? We’ve got an idea!


Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited days of the year but it could also be filled with a lot of pressure and questions popping up in your head – what can we do different from last year, what shall I get him or her, what’s a fun date, where could we go? And, the list goes on. It is a day of giving love and happiness. So, you want to make A DAY of it! If you want to do something meaningful and different this time, we have a great idea for you – why not plan a spa date?

Here are some ideas that you could steal!

  • Opt for a couple’s massage – You can book a couple’s massage at Tattva Spa that’ll help you relax while spending time with each other. The biggest perk of it all- Tattva Spa is playing cupid this Valentine’s Day. So, for the love of love use code TATV-LOV to get a 20% off on a Couple Spa.
  • Pamper yourself – Don’t have a valentine to spend the day with? Who said you can’t celebrate! You can just pamper yourself and indulge in some much-needed self-love! Book an appointment and enjoy a rewarding date with yourself on this special day and make it a remarkable one.

Here’s why:

  •   Wholesome experience – A spa treatment does not just consist of a massage. Rather, it is a complete experience where you get pampered the whole day, get treated to beverages, listen to some very relaxing music and also get to reconnect or bond with each other. Therefore, when you spend Valentine’s Day at Tattva Spa, you have a wholesome experience.
  •   Something unique – Going to the movies and then to a restaurant is so cliche! Instead of doing the same old thing every year, change it up, do something different this year and book a spa appointment. Hands down, this will be a very unique V-day date that your loved one is sure to appreciate.
  •   Therapeutic – Massages have many health benefits. It relieves stress, headaches, body pain, improves circulation, reduces muscle tension and so on. So a big advantage of taking your valentine for a spa session is that you give him or her a wellness and health boost, along with the loving gesture.

To ensure you have the best V-day spa date, here are some handy tips:

  •   Make an appointment – Valentine’s Day is a very important date, so all spas are usually booked out for the day. This is why you need to book ahead to ensure you have the best slot at a time of your choice.
  •   Book a therapy of your choice – Choose a relaxing massage such as a couple’s spa package that is gentle and soothing. Make sure your beloved is as pampered as possible!

Remember these tips and you and your valentine will be #TogetherInWellness.

Book an appointment at Tattva Spa this Valentine’s Day and experience a rewarding, relaxing and memorable date with your loved one.

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