Rediscover Tranquility at Tattva Wellness Spas Amidst the Vibrant Energy of Gurgaon

Tattva Wellness Spas

Amidst the lively rhythm of Gurgaon, find solace at Tattva Wellness Spa – an urban sanctuary where tranquility thrives. Nestled within the city’s vibrant energy, our spa embraces you with soothing melodies and skilled touch, offering authentic Ayurvedic massages. Rooted in ancient wisdom, our treatments restore equilibrium, rekindle energy flow, and dissolve stress. As Gurgaon’s IT prowess and nightlife pulse, our spa emerges as a refuge for urban souls, an escape to recalibrate and rediscover inner harmony.


Beyond mere indulgence, massage embodies a profound art of pressing, rubbing, and manipulating skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Ranging from gentle strokes to deep pressure, it’s a cornerstone of integrative medicine, often complementing standard therapies across a spectrum of health conditions. Dispel the notion of massage as mere pampering – it’s an influential conduit for stress alleviation and pain alleviation. If you’ve yet to embark on this journey, delve into its manifold benefits and unearth a fresher, rejuvenated self at Tattva Wellness Spa.


Embark on a Serene Journey: Tattva Wellness’s Destinations in Gurgaon


At Tattva Wellness Spa, your journey begins with a serene foot soak, a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation. Quench your thirst with refreshing kokum juice, setting the tone for your rejuvenating experience.


Our attentive therapists take the time to understand your concerns, crafting a personalized massage tailored to your needs. As your wellness partner, they unveil a selection of tattva oils – Pavitra, Vishram, Pranati, Dhyana, and Vimukti – each offering unique therapeutic benefits.


Your well-being is our priority, and at Tattva Wellness Spa, we ensure every aspect of your visit is as exceptional as you are.


Tattva Wellness Spa – Courtyard by Mariott, Gurgraon

Begin on a journey of serenity at Tattva Wellness, nestled within Courtyard by Marriott, Gurugram. Conveniently located in the heart of Sushant Lok Phase I, Sector 27, Gurugram, Haryana, our sanctuary welcomes you to explore a variety of body scrubs, polishers, and indulge in our recommended therapies: Swedish massage, Deep tissue, and Abhyanga massage.


Our skilled healers, true healers, skillfully nurture your senses, enhancing relaxation. Elevate your experience with the convenience of showers and steam facilities, offering an extra layer of rejuvenation. Tattva Wellness is dedicated to creating a calming retreat where every detail is thoughtfully planned, ensuring your utmost well-being and tranquility.


Tattva Wellness Spa – Radisson Gurugram, Udyog Vihar

Experience the epitome of wellness at Tattva Wellness Spa in Udyog Vihar, located within Radisson Gurgaon. Undoubtedly Gurgaon’s premier spa, Tattva offers an extraordinary escape that stimulates your senses and redefines relaxation. Revel in invigorating body scrubs, renowned for their exfoliating prowess and skin-enhancing benefits. Indulge in signature body massages by our skilled therapists, complemented by convenient showers and steam facilities.Elevate your well-being at Tattva Wellness Spa in Udyog Vihar, where refinement merges seamlessly with rejuvenation.


Celebrate Special Moments with Gift of Relaxation :Tattva Wellness Spa Gift Cards

Delight your loved ones with the ultimate gift of relaxation and rejuvenation through exquisite gift cards from Tattva Wellness Spa. These precious tokens of serenity can be effortlessly obtained via their user-friendly website or conveniently accessible locations. Featuring personalized gifting options tailored to your specific budget, it offers an ideal avenue to celebrate meaningful occasions like Raksha Bandhan.


As Raksha Bandhan draws near, envision bestowing upon your sibling the invaluable present of revitalization. Adding to the allure, our menu showcase an array of beauty elixirs such as body scrubs, polishers, and indulgent body wraps, culminating in a truly holistic pampering journey.


Further indulge your loved ones with a diverse collection of massages, ranging from the therapeutic prowess of deep tissue and the tranquil rhythm of a Swedish massage to the time-honored Abhyanga massage and a selection of rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments. To seamlessly procure a gift card online, navigate to the Tattva Wellness website. There, opt for the fitting category or occasion – whether it be Raksha Bandhan, a birthday, or corporate gifting. Choose your preferred account, input the pertinent details, compose a personalized message that resonates, and behold – your thoughtful gift stands ready to be shared, a manifestation of your genuine care and consideration.


Experience Exclusive Spa Bliss with Our Memberships


Tattva Wellness Spa highly values our spa enthusiasts and introduces exceptional membership programs. Elevate your spa experience with enticing packages aligned with your preferences. Enjoy EMI options, customer service support, and event invites.


  • Simpli Spa Membership (INR 12,000 + GST for 6 months): Delight in a 6-month spa journey, access foundational services, and a 60-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage.


  • Peace Membership (INR 18,000 + GST for 8 months): Extend privileges over 8 months, excluding spa sojourns. Experience massages, facials, and body treatments.


  • Serenity Membership (INR 24,000 + GST for 12 months): Priority booking and exclusive enhancements for a year. Enjoy a variety of services, excluding spa sojourns.


  • Tranquility Membership (INR 39,600 + GST for 24 months): Unlock lavish spa experiences over 2 years. Enjoy diverse treatments, excluding spa sojourns.


Experience an enlightening journey at Tattva Wellness Spa in Gurgaon, where serenity and revitalization intertwine seamlessly. Our genuine invitation beckons you to explore the harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit. Amidst the vibrant city life, immerse yourself in our comprehensive approach, enchanting couple’s experiences, insider insights, and exclusive membership programs, crafting an oasis of relaxation.


Whether you’re in search of personal solace or shared moments, our doors stand wide open, ready to unveil the profound interconnection between mind, body, and spirit. Take a step back from the urban hustle and discover a tranquil escape at Tattva Wellness, where holistic well-being and rejuvenation coalesce effortlessly.


To book a spa, effortlessly book via our user-friendly website or connect with us through our customer care number +91 9999120413.

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