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Anika Sharma

The personalized Tattva Wellness Spa gift card I received for my birthday was an absolute delight! With a heartfelt message and a favourite photo, it made me feel truly special. I went for a deep tissue massage and I have never felt more pampered and rejuvenated in my life. Highly recommended for those seeking a...


Siddharth Patel

Impressed with the personal touch of a customized personalized card I gave my sister for her birthday. It had a photo and message, making it truly meaningful. She loved the flexibility to choose her preferred treatments and had an amazing time at the spa.


Rohan Desai

The Tattva Spa gift card I received from my colleagues was just the best gift that I ever got for my birthday. The spa experience was exceptional, leaving me relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s the perfect farewell gift. I definitely recommend this as a great gifting option.


Aishwarya Kapoor

I received a Tattva Spa e-gift card for my birthday that featured a cherished family photo, adding a special touch. I went for a Swedish massage and my whole gifting experience was just the best ever. Tattva Spa gift cards are a perfect choice for special occasions.


Niharika Joshi

I recently received a Tattva Wellness Spa birthday gift card, and it was the perfect present. We went for a couple’s massage & the spa services were exceptional, and my husband and I had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the massages of our choice.

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