Category: Beauty Elixirs

Purifying Ganga Jal Bāth

Let the sacred water of the Ganges, carried down from the sagacious Himalayas, purge your body of toxins. The added tulsi and chandan lepam restores nourishment to your tired skin.

Detoxifying Neem Bāth

Enjoy our therapeutic spa bath with the traditionally blended boiled neem with milk. The natural goodness of neem and milk gives you immense relaxation and instantly puts your mind at ease.

Shine Facial (Recommended for skin brightening)

With Tattva’s Shine facial treatment, indulge your skin with a vivacious experience. Tattva’s gentle facial massage, with well-crafted, detoxifying ingredients, revitalizes the skin-cells, rehabilitating the natural texture of your skin. Don’t just glow, get your shine back.

Feel like yourself again