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After our previous blog we have received a few queries on skin care tips after waxing. While many women out there are still exploring beauty treatments at home, we are here to guide you in the best way possible. Here are few frequently asked questions on ‘how to wax your arms or legs at home’ and ‘is shaving a better option’.

Can I replace waxing with razor?

After our previous blog we received queries on how to make the best choice for our skin between waxing and shaving. Well, shaving does sound like an easy way to go about it, and also saves you time and energy. But waxing lasts longer. It gives you a softer and smoother skin that would last more than a week. With the use of a razor the hair growth is quicker than we imagine, and is not stable.

How does shaving affect my skin?

Excessive shaving leads to skin exfoliation, causing skin irritation and redness. Sometimes the skin starts to peel off; this is a sign that chemicals in the shaving creams are affecting your skin in a bad way. We are not against the motion when it comes to shaving, but you should be extra careful and take necessary measures for a healthy skin. Remember to follow the below:

  • Do not use soap to wash away the residue; it will make your skin dry.
  • Wash your skin with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  • Gently massage with a moisturizer.

Waxing- after effects

  • The ingredients of wax are less chemicalized and more organic. It includes sugar, lemon and water; which provide an added advantage of energizing your skin and removing tan.
  • This process removes unwanted hair from the roots.

Before you get going with the process we’d like you to keep in mind few points for better results:

  • Everyone’s tolerance of pain is different. But when you’re trying something on yourself, your mind immediately send signals to your pain receptors, and that would not feel as painful as you thought.
  • Before you wax, make sure the hair growth is reasonable. Ideally, the appropriate time when you should wax your body is when the hair length is 1/8th of an inch. The wax can then easily grip onto the hair and removes them from roots.
  • Make sure to sit in a cold place and keep your skin hydrated. In dry skin the hair breaks from middle easily.
  • Do not apply anything before the waxing.

after wax skin care

It is important to follow few steps for ‘after wax skin care’ for better results. If you’re using wax strips that are available in market then you will also get after wax wipes. However, there is always a descendant question that occurs in our mind ‘what should I put on my skin after waxing’.

  • Immediately after waxing avoid taking baths. We understand self waxing can be clumsy, but instead you can clean it with hot towel wipe. Prefer a bath 2 hours post the waxing.
  • Once the skin is cleaned, you can apply cool compressors like fresh aloe-vera gel from the plant.
  • To soothe the skin you can also apply coconut oil or take cues from afterwax products by Rica Wax.
  • If you burn yourself a little while waxing, you can apply room temperature coconut oil to the affected area.
  • If nothing else seems to work, take a cube of ice, wrap it in a tissue and apply it all over the body.

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