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This monsoon make nature a part of your relaxing and rejuvenating process; take a forest bath and a spa. The art of forest bathing comes from Japan. The focus here is to reconnect with nature and slow down. It is not about hiking or working out in a natural environment. It is about not being focused on electronic devices, walking around the forest, or simply lying on the grass. There is scientific evidence to show that natural surroundings help calm down the mind. For example, studies have shown that phytoncides released by the plants in our surroundings have a calming effect. 

However, sometimes we struggle with just being still. So, we suggest you to relax with a spa therapy this monsoon and rejuvenate as the rain washes away the dirt and grime off the plants.

Some of our favourite spa locations this monsoon are Goa, Lonavala, Karjat and Khopoli. 

Goa: Connect with the calmness of the beach

Beach is one relaxation spot that keeps getting highlighted in movies repeatedly. The beaches in Goa are pristine and the perfect place to unwind and relax. Make the most of your visit to Goa by getting a spa close to the beach.  

Karjat: Experience tranquility

Being surrounded by hills often brings a feeling of being protected and an opportunity to connect with your inner self. Hills and mountains are where rivers begin- bringing in energy, a sense of tranquility, and rejuvenation for your sense.

Lonavla: Soothe your mind

Close your eyes during a spa and let your mind wander away, guided by the soothing sound of flowing rivers. A spa in such an environment is one of the best ways to take your mind away from work or the list of things you might have to do after a vacation.

Khopoli: Connect with your inner self

There is something about being surrounded or being in the presence of a waterfall. It’s majestic, calming and scary at the same point of time. An ideal place, according to us, for disconnecting with city hubble and reconnecting with our inner self.  

While at these locations, our experts recommend that you try the abhyanga or the deep tissue massage. Abhyanga is an ayurvedic massage that calms the mind and nourishes the body, while deep tissue massage is a great way to release the tension that the body holds.

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