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Is your skin healthy?

‘How you feel is what you reflect.’ We have heard this statement many times. But never paid attention to the insight it gives us. It is difficult to stay positive in these times where you are restricted to go out, and are always surrounded by negative news. This can be seen on your face.

When we say ‘Follow these easy steps for bright skin’ we do not mean a fairer skin. The colour is not important, health is. The major component of a healthy skin is the natural glow you radiate from within.

There are many habits that affect our skin over the time; we often don’t realize how our urban lifestyle is stealing the charm from your skin:

  • Dehydration– we take our body’s hydrating capacity for granted. Intake of fewer liquids, especially in India’s summer season actively encourages the body to several problems, one of them being unhealthy skin.
  • Poor diet– with our uncertain lifestyle, our body tries to adapt to the changes but it has its own limitations.
  • Sleep deprivation– Late night binging on Netflix and negative thoughts are taking over our sleep cycle, resulting in dark circles, not-so-fresh skin and open pores
  • Stress – We understand that uncertainty of our jobs, and most importantly our lives is constantly ticking in our minds, giving stress to our mind, affecting our body, and reflecting in our skin.
  • Environment – This factor is certainly not something you can take control of, but you can practice a DIY routine to avoid a larger effect on your skin. In a dry weather like summers our skin loses its charm by extracting natural moisture of the skin.

How to cure dull skin?

Dull skin is mainly the lack of radiance or an uneven tone. You might feel your skin is way too tight sometimes or have open pores. This is all due to your negligence towards it. A couple of small changes in your routine habits can make a big difference to your skin. Let’s get you your luminous glow back by following below steps:

  • Drink lots of liquids, preferably water, one glass every hour.
  • Be mindful of what you’re eating. Add more vegetables to your meal to increase the intake of skin loving nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Binge on fruits that are naturally rich in nutrients instead of cookies and cupcakes. For a healthy start to your day explore smoothies with seasoned fruits.
  • Get your beauty sleep in place. We understand how stress has taken over your mind and sleep. Best way to relax your mind before you go to sleep is practice Yoga Nidra. You can view Tattva Spa’s guide to a healthy sleep and waking up fresh.
  • Know what’s best for your skin. Use rose water or face wash to regularly wash your face. Remember not to overuse these products. You can also go all-natural by applying aloe-vera, raw potato, raw tomato and other organic elements.

Better Sleep = Strong Immunity

Sleep, playing one of the major traits for our immunity, is still overlooked as a luxury by some. The times of social distancing, school interruptions, quarantines, work-from-home has led to anxiety disturbing sleep cycles for a vast majority of us. It has not been a secret that many corporates and organizations are filtering their staff and as they do, the thought of job security and finance management sidles onto our mind affecting the overall wellbeing.

The theme for this year’s World Sleep Day (it was celebrated on March 18) underlines the need of the hour “

  • Body fatigue
  • No mindfulness in diet plan
  • Feel tired and sleepy during day
  • Increased moments of day dreaming
  • Irritated behaviour towards everyone
  • Unhappy soul

All the above symptoms are result of lack of quality sleep.

Tattva Spa is the best spa in India offering wellness therapies across its 62 spas. Our services are well researched and our massages help boost immunity in addition to relaxing your tired body. Here’s how:

  • Kneading and pressing back muscles relaxes your spinal cord which is tensed through the daily chores.
  • The very famous ‘gliding rubs to the legs’ focuses on the areas of tight muscle fibers.
  • Massaging both sides of spine and hips reduces the firmness from body, allowing it to flex.
  • Kneading the oblique muscles to help bend the trunk of the body.

With the unfortunate closure of our spas we are not available in person to help you relax. But through our wellness webinar series AnyBody Can Massage, Episode 4 and Episode 5 our experts talk about how anxiety and world of technology have taken over our sweet dreams. With few acupressure points in our thumb and wrist, we might not make you feel sleepy, but this will certainly help in relaxing your mind of any stress. However, these are not the only techniques that will help you.

We often miss the prime suspect of any irregularities in our body – breathing. Yes, a little discomfort in breathing makes your mind restless and has other major effects on your body. Balancing the energy points through breathing and concentration took us through a journey of meditation while we tried to remove the blockages from our energy points through focused breathing. Yoga Nidra combined with this breathing technique – nothing can be a better solution to your stressed mind and disturbed sleep.

What is Yoga Nidra? How does it help in better sleep?

Often termed as ‘yogic sleep’, it is a state of consciousness where your body and mind are at rest and very relaxed. Through Yoga Nidra you get more aware about your inner self by providing a space to explore your long-held emotions and releasing all the negative energies.

Did you miss the sessions? Watch it on our YouTube channel as our experts take you through the Yoga Nidra experience and help you discover the energy points in your body.

Good night, sleep well!

Stressed before going to bed? As much as we enjoyed work-from-home in the early stage, now the concept is growing exponentially, and everlasting. The covid-19 lifestyle has not only affected our diet or exercise routine, but has a vigilant effect on our sleep cycle as well.

Bedroom is your place of retreat from all the problems and world troubles. You engage all your efforts in decorating your bedroom space, so you can come back to a place that comforts you. With the lockdown, our bedroom has become not only a place to sleep but also, work and eat. This is not healthy! It is important that we don’t let these thoughts disrupt our sleep sanctuary.

Here are few tips that might be helpful to structure your sleep graph and flatten that curve:

Daytime tips

  • Avoid intake of caffeine or alcohol, especially later in the day. This will just create a disparity in your sleep cycle.
  • Watch out for an intense workout later in the evening. Develop a routine for your lifestyle to set your body in rhythm. Don’t skip meals; eat in time, even on weekends get up at your usual time.
  • Taking naps in middle of the day keeps you awake till late in the night. Simply because you’ve already slept for hours before.

Night tips

  • Take the first yawnin the later evening as an alarm. That’s your body telling you that it’s tired and needs some rest.
  • Your bedroom shall only serve as a place to sleep. Avoid using phone or watching screensbefore you sleep. Dim the light, set the temperature, read something good before you put yourself to bed.
  • Watching your phone time-to-time will only distract you from sleeping. Clear your headbefore your sleep.
  • Before going to sleep wash your feet with warm water. Warm water on feetdoes more wonders than the hot milk in your stomach.
  • It’s never too late to realize if you’re not able to sleep. Whenever you are into that sought, get up and accomplish a light task like reading a book, meditation or yoga.

Remember how your senses come to calm at our spa?  The job was partially done by the aroma of essential oils. Our sense of smell is unswervingly connected to our brain, administering emotions.

Essential oils and aromatic wax candles can be helpful for disrupted sleep and improve sleep quality.

Take cue from Remedies to Roll Night Time by Neal’s Yard Remedies and Calm Mogra Soy Wax Candle by Omved for natural and organic products.

  • Spray some essential oil in the air before going to sleep or near your pillow.
  • Mix few drops in your evening bath.
  • You can also apply it directly on your skin, giving a quick massage to your arms and legs.
  • Light the candles and fill the air with aroma.

Let’s prepare for the sleep while Tattva wishes you a good night.


Wellness for your home – Beyond jhadoo pochha

While we all focus on our personal hygiene (and quite excessively in these times), we miss out on the real culprit and source of viral and bacterial infections – our homes!

We know you ensure regular cleaning and sanitizing of the home, but you might be amazed at what all you have been missing. As always, it’s all about the detailing.

Here is our list of specific areas in the home environment that we know you might be missing out on completely sanitizing:


Washing the dishes is one the cleaning jobs that people are not very keen on taking up, especially when you have to wash those stubborn oil stained kadhais. With the magic of baking soda your job is half done and its bliss. Here’s how:

  • Take 3 portions of baking soda and 1 portion water.
  • Make a paste.
  • Use a kitchen sponge to wash your stainless steel utensils with it.
  • You’ll be amazed to see how great it works on the utensils, leaving an incomparable shine.

If you get ample sun-light in your kitchen, allow the utensils to dry in the sunlight well before stuffing them back into drawers and racks. Any moisture that enters your drawers and storage areas makes that area fertile for virus and bacteria to thrive. Avoid it!

Kitchen sink

We often enter the kitchen with a thought “everything but kitchen sink”. With the leftovers in your plate or the cooking utensils the sink gets clogged, making the spoons and forks float. This is not a very good sight, we agree! Drainex is always out of stock right! We’ve got you covered. Follow the below recipe to unclog sink drains and free flowing:

  • Baking soda with vinegar can be a real trick. Just know the right way of using it.
  • The fizz reaction that the combination has, helps in cleaning the clogged sinks.
  • Pour 2 table spoons baking soda in the sink, followed by 4 table spoons of white vinegar.
  • Cover the drain and let the combo perform its trick for 30 minutes.

Pour some hot water to clean the remains.

Fridge hygiene

Technology, if not managed (we mean cleaned), can be the biggest harbinger of adversities! No, we aren’t exaggerating. Think for yourself, how often do you clean your fridge shelves, the side door or the fruit basket or the freezer cabinet, the ice trays? Being an essential part of our kitchen and our food, it is very important keep it germ free. For fridge cleaning we will not provide a cleanser recipe, but a small tip. We usually take out the shelves, clean them with soap and place it back in the fridge. While you do so, take a sprinkler and pour a solution of vinegar and water. Spray the solution on the inside of fridge doors and inner walls.

 Note: To further deodorize the fridge before you restock your food, place a hot cup of black coffee in the refrigerator for 24 hours.


Yes, that large piece of designer curtain that is your window’s friend to keep away strong light, heat and cold. Curtains are often forgotten in regular cleaning and that’s also partly because it is cumbersome to remove, wash / dry-clean and then put back on and also dealing with the naked feeling when the curtains are absent. Curtains absorb dust and mold and if left un-attended for long, can also become homes of tiny lizards. Yes, we do intend to scare you.

  • We recommend using light sheers or cotton based curtains instead of the heavy ones unless blocking light is a key need for the room. Lighter cloth is easier and cheaper to manage.
  • Keep two sets for each window and keep rotating – It’s a good change of scene for the room too
  • If you have heavy curtains, you could do the dry-cleaning twice a year – we recommend October and April as the months to undertake this. In between, take out that vacuum cleaner and get it swooshing the curtains
  • Use some fabric spray occasionally for mild disinfection and to get rid of odors if any


As much as we love green around us we often do not meet the care and concern they demand. Grooming and moving is an essential part of their lifestyle. For house plants, it is suggested that they are arranged in different pots every six months. And while you do that, here are some tips you should consider:

  • Water your plant lightly before repotting.
  • Get rid of the rotten and dead leaves and roots.
  • Gently move the plant from bottom to loosen the living roots – use these to prepare compost.
  • Whenever performing this activity, make sure you repot in a slightly bigger pot.

Taking care of plants in it is a relaxing activity. Do it often if you like.


With the weather changing its colors from winters to spring and eventually summers, brings along the mosquito menace. For people who own plants at home, mosquitoes are the frequent guest. While some of you would prefer using a repellant, we strongly suggest you to try a homemade remedy. Charcoal based mosquito repellants have a very strong smoke & odor that is not healthy for people with breathing issues. However, dried Neem leaves, camphor and boiled garlic are a few very strong enemies of mosquitoes. You could burn small quantities of either of these natural mosquito repellants in early evening time in open areas for best repellant effect.

Social Distancing from Pains

Had it been just another day, you would be booking your Saturday spa appointments with us, and we would be welcoming you in the comfortable environs of our spas across the country.

We are all in lockdown,

But you need not be bogged down

You deserve to get rid of that aching frown

As you are with the best Spa people in the town!

Tattva Spa experts went live with their wellness webinar series – AnyBody Can Massage (ABCM) and the first episode – Social distancing from pain was focused on relieving stress related neck & shoulder pain and the ever prevalent sinus related pains.

Here is a summary of the discussion from our Episode 1: Social Distancing from Pains –

  • Preparing for Self care
  • Reasons for neck & shoulder pains
  • Reasons for sinus related pains
  • Lymphatic drainage system
  • What are the magic points for massage & acupressure?
  • How to apply pressure onto the magic points?
  • How to open channels of proper energy flow?

Did you happen to miss out the webinar episode #1? You can now go through the same here (https://youtu.be/92oUt8difsE).

Stay tuned for more exciting, informative, educative self-care wellness webinar episode of AnyBody Can Massage, every Saturday at 11 AM. Episode #2 is going to be really interesting with our experts helping us with a digital detox session. Register now so that you do not miss this.

Remember to take out some me-time. You deserve every bit of it!

5 Relaxation Tips To Get Relax After a Hard Week at Work

Hard week at work? Stress making its way to your skin, acne sprouting out and the glow seemingly lost? We all have those weeks when there is too much work, almost no sleep and rest and as a result our skin starts acting up. Pimples appear on our skin, it starts looking dull and lifeless and you feel like your skin has died. When this happens, you need to take some time off and take care of your skin and of yourself. Here are some tips to assist you in this skin pampering time –

  1. Drink lots of water and Green tea – Avoid caffeine as much as you can and switch to fresh juices water and green tea. They will hydrate your skin and flush out toxins to make you feel better and restore the glow in your skin.
  2. Go for a spa – The mind and the body are connected and spa relaxes both of them. It gives your mind a break and it feels your body tingle. Spa has a lot of benefits and you should avail it.
  3. Try a herbal face pack – Try making one of those face packs which carry Dadi Ma ke nuskhe. Mix Turmeric, little cream and gram flour (Besan) and put in on your face. Put slices of cucumber on your eyes to relax them, lie back for 15 minutes and wash it off. If you are feeling lazy, then order a face pack online and apply it according to the instructions.  Multani Mitti face pack has a cooling effect and is our recommendation. Warning – Make sure you know and understand your skin type and use a face pack accordingly.
  4. Massage – There are a couple of options here – Blackmail your other half to give you a relaxing massage, go for a massage outside or try doing it yourself. There is nothing like a good massage to relax your nerves when you are stressed out. It will untangle the knots in your body and make you feel good in general.
  5. Pedicure – A good pedicure is very relaxing. You can go for a pedicure outside or you can do a pedicure yourself. It will relax your feet and calm down your mind.

Apart from this, try eating lots of fruits and get good sleep. Watch a happy movie or read something that makes you feel good. It is very important to give your body rest after a hard week, not only for your body but also for your soul.


How to take care of your body while swimming regularly?

With the rise in the mercury, everyone would normally want to lie in a pool of cold water. It is the most loved form of exercise and hobby. It has numerous health benefits to offer. However, every benefit has its own downfall. So does swimming. Chlorine water in the pools and activity under the scorching heat of the sun can prove to be difficult on your skin. The activity also takes a toll on the hair of swimmers.

Moisturize Your Skin Before And After Swimming

 The skin gets dark and dry due to excessive usage of chemicals in the pools. Swimming also dries up the natural oils of the body. Eyes can also get subjected to bacterial and fungal infections. Addressing skin troubles becomes a little difficult while basking in the benefits. Nevertheless, a little care can go a long way. Taking good care of skin can put all the woes to rest and one can indulge in swimming sessions with much peace.

Do not forget to lather moisturizer on your skin

Swimming for prolonged period in chlorinated water can rob the moisture from the skin rendering it dry. Make sure to moisturize your skin well before and after swimming. Make sure to use a waterproof sunscreen prior to landing in the pool. Several lotions are available which are rich in vitamins A, C, and E. These allow effective hydration of the skin. Use a body wash which consists of glycerine or opt for a mild soap while bathing. This will rehydrate your skin while you are in the shower.

Nourish Your Hair Before Swimming

 Effective hair care

Sea and pool water can prove equally damaging to your hair. It is best to condition your hair with shampoo that is rich in terms of Sun Protection Factor. This will prevent bleaching of your hair owing to the exposure to the sun as well as due to chlorine content of pool water. Use shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for offering protection to swimmers. Do not forget to treat your hair to an oil massage. If you find this difficult then you can opt for soothing spa services that will nourish your hair.

Opt for spa services

You can hit a hair spa in Gurgaon if you are looking to revive your skin and hair. The spa services not just have a calming effect on your mind and body but the relaxation massage prove to be a better treatment for back pain developed due to continuous swimming. Indulge in luxurious spa services for a glowing skin. A hair spa can help restore your damaged hair and would not prevent you from indulging in your favourite activities.

Relaxation Massage to Revive Your Hair and Skin

Spa Treatments for the Beautiful You

Spa treatments stimulate mental and physical wellness. The blissful treatments such as body massages and spa facials not just rejuvenate the skin from within, but as well ease the back pain and breathe life into a tired body. These help in intensifying the ultimate persona of an individual and make one feel fresh.

Spa Treatment Stimulate Mental And Physical Wellness

 With more and more individuals getting busy due to their hectic work schedule, stress and work pressure are taking a toll on the body and skin. Hence, it is essential to take out some time in pampering and restoring the internal balance of the body. Opting for a spa service can offer a great experience with their array of treatments and therapies. Most of the popular beauty treatments offered by major spa include spa facial, relaxation massage, anti-tan treatment, professional manicure and pedicure and a lot more.

Effective spa treatments offer an array of noticeable benefits which enhance the overall look of an individual ultimately. Spa treatments offer health benefits, beauty benefits, anti-ageing, mental benefits and a lot more. Several treatments such as oil massage, steam baths, and aromatherapy improve the overall health of an individual thereby reducing blood pressure and promoting blood circulation.

Benefits of Spa Treatment

Many women are fond of spa facials, foot, and hand care as they offer them a glowing skin. Several treatments prevent premature ageing of the skin. Relaxation massages make a system re-energized and as well cleanse it.

 Spa facials can provide a great experience to individuals that can help in revitalising the skin in the comfort of a great ambience. These address a lot of skin problems and make your skin appear beaming with vigour and rejuvenated. Not all people are blessed with a flawless skin. People do experience issues such as acne, inflammation and skin dryness. Spa facials can help in combating these and brings a glow on the face.

 Many women just make use of a regular soap or face wash on their face. This does not cleanse the pores of the facial skin in an adequate manner. Sometimes oil, grime and dirt can accumulate in the pores and can clog them. This can give rise to a variety of conditions that may require effective treatment. Damage from exposure to the sun can also take a toll on the facial skin. This is when opting for a good spa facial can work wonders and can rectify the damage done to the skin.

A guide to complete body detoxification

Detoxing isn’t easy but who said it cannot be exciting and cannot offer a tranquil experience? If you do not think so, then you have never treated yourself to any holistic detoxification spa services. Do you know what professional spa services can do for you?  Detoxification involves the employment of therapies and specific treatments which can enhance your overall wellness leaving you feeling healthier inside out so that you can embark on a new exercise regimen and a new diet for a better you.

Basics of body detoxification   

Body purification and holistic detoxification ideas originated long time ago in Greece. A body which has an excellent detoxification system helps in naturally getting rid of unwanted or harmful substances and also has a glowing skin. Your lungs, kidneys, lymph, skin and colon all work to keep your system running in an efficient manner. However, if your diet is rich in alcohol, caffeine, fat and sugar, then the natural detoxification mechanism of your body can fail to keep up.

A whole new regimen can be kick-started by maintaining a period of abstinence at the same time indulging in holistic spa services. This offers the much-needed confidence for lifestyle modifications towards leading a healthy and active life. Regular indulgence in detoxification not just pampers your body but can also prove to be a rejuvenating and refreshing experience.

Basics of Body Detoxification

Kinds of detoxifying spa treatments

If you wish to feel transformed within a short period of time, then rejuvenating and refreshing spa treatments are just for you. You can give a massive boost to your new health regimen with the help of body wraps, mud treatments, exfoliation and a lot more spa services for boosting your outlook and confidence that would certainly spur some positive changes in your body.

Detoxification Spa Treatments

 Nothing works better than exfoliation if you are planning to slough dead cells away. This will improve the texture of your skin and leave you with a glowing skin owing to the improvement in the circulation of oxygen to the skin’s surface. Slathering yourself in mud fortifies your body with essential minerals and offers a fantastic reward to your body. You will be blessed with a soft skin after a session and will also feel energetic. Visit a renowned spa in Gurgaon for indulging in a relaxation massage or other treatments that will breathe life into every single cell within your body. This will not just help you to feel fresh and will also help you feel revived.

Visit a Tattva spa in Gurgaon for indulging in a relaxation massage or other treatments that will breathe life into every single cell within your body.