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Web an ambience of happiness in this lockdown period

Humans and humanity have blended from the past few days to raise the war against COVID-19 . While all the government & medical authorities are taking necessary actions, with the lockdown extending for a few more days has given everyone stress. What are we going to do at home for so many days? How are we going to keep ourselves busy? Well, we suggest that you take a different approach to it. Why not make the best moments in this time that you can cherish later.

Happiness is the cure of every disease and on the other hand panicking creates the sensor of sadness from jubilant vibes. Merely a smile is enough to turn your road of thorns into the carpet of roses. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to web an ambience of happiness in this lockdown period and to impart rejuvenating aura into our nerves so that we can disseminate it in our surroundings. Wondering how? Happiness is an inevitable season.

You were always looking for a break to have a conversation with yourself, weren’t you? This is your time. Revisit your inner self and find the lost you.

  • Unbox the happiness by picking up your pen and writing your heart out. Give wings to your thoughts and pen down the creative clouds surrounding you – through doodling, sketching a comic strip, or through words.
  • Hold your brush and mix your thoughts with colours on canvas. There is nothing more animating than putting your imagination on a piece of paper, so let the artistic juices flow.

  • Release your dance costume from the prison and unshackle your chains by letting your soul dance happily. Practice an old routine or plan an online zumba session with your friends and family.

  • Experiment with the versatile ingredients of your kitchen while you can. Get the masterchef in you into action while there is so much you can cook with the basic ingredients.

  • Bring your instrument from the storeroom and unfurl melody in the air. It’s been a while since you sat with your friends and enjoyed the evening. Well, no one said anything about virtual distancing. Connect with your friends over video call or go live. Let your talent take a spree while you’re on a break.

  • Spend some time with your plants. There is more to gardening than just watering the plants, like getting to know what kinds of plants you own and what other plants can you get for your mini-nursery for the coming season. Did you know there are some plants that can grow even through stems? Grab the opportunity and your gardening gloves and get started!

  • Pamper your skin and add shine to it with homemade remedies. While you’re missing your salon appointments, we suggest you try some home remedies.

Our busy lifestyle has always been a hurdle for spending quality time with our family, and even after living under a single roof, our conversation gaps have increased manifold. This lockdown period is the best opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Keep your phones aside and sit with your family.


Stay home, stay safe and enjoy your quarantine!

The Secret Is In The Mud

Who would have thought that using mud would be such a popular beauty treatment?

It’s ironic! We spend hours washing off the mud from our skin after a day out in the heat and dust and then we spend a few more hours slathering it onto our skin for it to look smooth and beautiful. There’s definitely something to be said about the many anomalies in beauty treatments.

If you, like many others, have found the idea of a mud mask strange, you should know that ‘mud’ mask is really a misnomer. The mud used in such a mask is really a type of clay that is rich in minerals and other special ingredients that work together to cleanse and soften the skin, leaving it looking smooth and younger-looking. The claims that you read about the effects of a mud mask really are true.

How To Use A Mud Mask

A mask should always be applied to clean, dry skin.

Apply the mask generously, making sure you cover the whole face including the jaw line and forehead but not the eye area.

Leave the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off thoroughly by splashing warm water over your face or by wiping gently with a wet washcloth.

Do not use soap or any type of facial cleanser immediately after using a mud mask.

Applying a mud mask over your face just twice or thrice a week is enough to get a clear, brighter, younger looking skin.

Of course, doing it yourself does take a bit of prep work and cleaning up. It’s so much better to pamper yourself by getting a mud mask by a professional at a spa. After all, you deserve it!

It’s so much better to pamper yourself by getting a mud mask by a professional at a spa. Make a reservation here for professional spa service.

Prepare for your massage

Tips To Help Your Maximize Your Massage Benefits

A lavish, full-body massage can leave you feeling relaxed and lovely all over. But did you know that there are a few things you can do to get the maximum benefit from your massage session?

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for your massage:

Arrive a few minutes before your appointment. This will give you some time to talk to your massage therapist and discuss your preferences if any. You should also inform the masseur or masseuse if you have had any recent injuries or surgery so that they know where they need to exercise extra care. Also inform them if you are on any medication.

Avoid alcohol and eating heavy meals before your massage.

If you do need to take any medication, try and take the last dose at least 2 to 3 hours before the massage.

Have a shower before you leave for the massage so you feel fresh and your body is more receptive to the oils used during the massage.

Avoid using any makeup, heavily scented skin cream or perfume after the shower as these could react adversely with the massage oil.

It is best not to wear any jewelry, rings or watches to the salon. If you have worn any of these, you will have to remove them before the massage.

While you are waiting in the reception room, breathe deeply and relax your body. The more relaxed your body, the more receptive it will be to smooth, kneading massage movements.

During the massage, allow yourself to feel completely relaxed so you can enjoy the experience and its many benefits.

Make a reservation for massage with the nearest Tattva Spa center.