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Did you know that following a regular routine for self-care is far more important than using an expensive skincare product? Do not let the love and pampering that you provide to your skin and hair this monsoon be intermittent like the showers in Delhi. Make a routine that suits your lifestyle and take out time for your own self.

Two of the most common skin and hair care problems during the monsoon season are acne and hair fall. One of them, acne, is caused by skin inflammation, increased oil production in the skin, pore obstruction and bacterial overgrowth. It could be one of these reasons or a combination of these reasons. If the acne problem is not acute, there are a range of products that can be used that have antibacterial and soothing properties. For example, VILASA purifying face cleanser is a gentle cleanser with aloe vera that has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has Geranium oil which helps acne-prone skin.

The next crucial step in a skincare routine is exfoliation, which should be done once a week. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells. This helps improves texture, glow, and skin tone and may play a role in anti-ageing. However, avoid exfoliation when applying retinoids regularly on your skin or have sunburns. Instead, we recommend that Aabha face and body scrub. 

Further, know the difference between acne and heat boils as they both would require different treatment. Acne is caused by one or a combination of the following:

  • Sebum hyperactivity 
  • Bacterial overgrowth 
  • Black and white heads 

Apply antibacterial or retinoid products

Heat boils are often located at hair follicles, and they are best treated with the help of a doctor. 

  • When it comes to DIY treatments for acne, avoid the remedies with lemon, baking soda etc., as they increase pigmentation and acne scarring. 
  • Essential skin care: cleanse, scrub (once a week), Tonner, moisturize. Choose the moisturizer based on your skin type. 

Fancy a little home-remedy for self-care?

Hair flourish well and reward you with the best hair days when they are pampered with deep conditioning hair masks. A DIY hair treatment will vary according to hair type and hair concern. The first DIY is a leave-in conditioner for fizzy, coarse, curly hair. The ingredients are as follows,

  1. 500ml of VILASA coconut oil
  2. 50ml water
  3. 50ml VILASA jojoba oil

Method: Mix all the ingredients and fill them in a small 200ml spray bottle. Use regularly on towel-dried hair as an antidote to frizzy, unruly hair. Avoid applying to the scalp.

The next one is for hair damaged by coloring. Be it for a fashion statement to cover grey hair; we like to color them. However, this process of bleaching and then adding dyes damages our hair. Even if we are not using chemical products to dye our hair, we are damaging our hair as dying involves the removal of proteins that are the protective layer of a hair strand. You can make the following DIY hair mask to help your hair recover. 

The ingredients are as follows, 

  1. Two tablespoons of full-fat yogurt
  2. 1/2 cup mayonnaise (if possible, use homemade, preservative-free mayonnaise) 
  3. Two tablespoons of VILASA coconut oil

Mix it all up and leave it in your hair for 50-60 minutes to reveal deeply pampered hair.

With so much going on for your hair and skin, bid good-bye to skin and hair woes this monsoon.

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