Wave your stress a goodbye as Tattva Spa reopens in your city



After a long pause, Tattva Spa is gearing up to serve you again. Past few weeks…. err…. months, have been quite tough for everyone. The stress of work has rather increased since our lifestyles shifted to living at home. The lines going blur between work and home have accumulated stress in our minds, affecting our body.

Here is a piece of news that might shrug some stress off your shoulders and bring a sigh on your forehead – WE ARE BACK!

And while we are excited to reopen and serve you again, we are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe space for our associates and guests. Spa is a practice that involves high touch and many times the question pops in your head ‘Is going to a spa safe?’ In times like COVID-19 infection, we understand the need of stringent guidelines for a safer space. Hence, guided by the best in safety and hygiene industry, Tattva Spa has adapted new protocols for our team as well as the guests to ensure safety at spa. We have also taken stern steps to temporarily discontinue few spa rituals from practice.

Spa guests

Safety at Tattva Spa

When you visit Tattva Spa be sure to follow the below steps before therapy begins:

  • Be sure to pre-book your spa appointment through our digital platform or connect with our customer care at +91 9999835852. We are working on services by appointment only.
  • Wear appropriate disposables provided at the reception – masks, gloves & shoe covers.
  • To avoid any hustle we have discontinued all refreshments, other than bottled water.

Things to consider while taking a therapy at Tattva Spa:

  • The guests are required to take a quick shower before the therapy begins.
  • We have discontinued spa cleansing ritual.
  • As per the new protocols the guests are required to keep their mask on during the therapy.
  • To avoid high risk of germ transmission we have temporarily discontinued Spa Facials and usage of steam & sauna.
  • Post the therapy, we strongly recommend our guests to choose a hot-towel wipe instead of a shower.

We encourage digitalization of spa procedures.

  • Hence, for pre-booking the appointment contact our customer care at +91 9999835852.
  • Spa menu is shared digitally with the guests.
  • As you book the appointment, you will receive a link to the assessment form.
  • We urge our guests to make payments digitally.

Spa associates

Safety at Tattva Spa

On the other hand, our spa associates are working unswervingly to ensure proper sanitization of the space. We are committed to wellbeing of our community, including our managers and therapists.

  • To avoid any germ transmission during travel, our team has been accommodated at the hotel premise.
  • The Spa team goes through an in-depth check every day before beginning the day.
  • Sanitization of frequently used items like mobile phone, charger, spectacles and keys is taken gravely.
  • The spa team is takes health and hygiene very seriously. Every 2 hours the spa unit is sanitized and report is marked and shared with the HO.
  • The therapist washes her complete arms and sanitizes them before beginning the therapy and immediately after.
  • The therapist is required to wear a mask and disposable shoe covers during the therapy as well.
  • In wake of the current hygiene issues, our team is restricting travelling to local markets or anywhere outside the hotel.

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