What are some popular hammam therapies for couples at Tattva Spa ?

Tattva Spa provides a range of couples’ hammam therapies with personalized packages for both Turkish and Moroccan hammams. Here are some popular hammam therapies for couples that you might find at Tattva Spa:


Couples’ Turkish Hammam Experience:

Dual Steam Session: Enjoy a private steam session together in a Turkish-style hammam, promoting relaxation and preparing the skin for subsequent treatments.


Traditional Turkish Soap Massage: A therapist applies traditional Turkish soap and performs a gentle massage, cleansing and moisturizing the skin.


Kese Exfoliation: Both individuals receive exfoliation using a kese glove, promoting skin renewal and leaving the skin smooth.


Rinsing and Cooling Down: After the hammam ritual, couples can rinse off and cool down together, either through a gentle shower or other refreshing methods.


Couples’ Moroccan Hammam Retreat:

Tranquil Steam Session: Begin with a shared steam session, allowing the heat to relax muscles and open pores.
Application of Moroccan Black Soap: The therapist applies Moroccan black soap, known for its natural ingredients, initiating a cleansing and moisturizing process.


Kesa Glove Exfoliation: Both partners experience exfoliation using a Kesa glove, promoting soft and rejuvenated skin.


Rinsing and Rehydration: The couples’ hammam experience concludes with a thorough rinsing and the option for rehydration using nourishing products.


Romantic Couples’ Packages:


Additional Spa Treatments: Tattva Spa offers couples the option to combine the hammam experience with additional spa treatments, such as massages, facials, or body treatments.


Private Relaxation Area: After the hammam session and any additional treatments, couples may have access to a private relaxation area to continue the experience together.


Customizable Packages:


Personalized Add-ons: Tattva Spa provides the flexibility for couples to personalize their experience by adding on specific treatments or enhancements based on individual preferences.


Aromatherapy Options: Couples may have the choice to incorporate aromatherapy elements, allowing them to select scents that resonate with them for a more customized experience.

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