What are the different couple massage packages offered at Tattva Spa in Hyderabad, and what are their respective features and benefits?

Tattva Spa offer couple massage packages with varying durations, often including options such as:


60-Minute Couple’s Massage: A one-hour session that provides a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for couples. This is a great choice for those with busy schedules.


90-Minute Couple’s Massage: A longer session, lasting 90 minutes, allowing for deeper relaxation and more extensive treatment.


120-Minute Couple’s Massage: This extended session offers a more comprehensive and indulgent experience, ideal for those who want to luxuriate in the spa’s offerings.


Regarding the specific features and benefits, couples can typically choose the type of massage they prefer based on their individual preferences. Options may include Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone, or other specialty massages. The pressure and focus areas can often be tailored to suit the needs and comfort levels of each individual.

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