What are the different membership packages offered by Tattva Spa, and what are the key features of each package?

Tattva Spa offers several membership packages, each with its own features and benefits. Here are the different membership packages and their key features:

Simpli Spa:


Price: Starts at 12,000 Indian Rupees

Features: This package includes 8 sessions of Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. You can avail these sessions anytime between Monday to Thursday. It has a validity of 6 months.


Price: 18,000 INR

Features: The Peace package offers services worth 24,000 INR. It has an 8-month validity, and you can avail the services at any time.


Price: 24,000 INR

Features: With the Serenity package, you can enjoy services worth 36,000 INR. It has a longer validity of 12 months.


Price: 39,600 INR

Features: The top-tier Tranquility package provides services worth 72,000 INR. It offers the most comprehensive experience and comes with an 18-month validity.

These membership packages vary in terms of price, validity, and the value of services included. Members can choose the one that best suits their preferences and requirements for spa services at Tattva Spa.

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