What essential oils or aromatherapy options are available for enhancing the couple’s massage experience at Tattva Spa in Bangalore?

At Tattva Spa in Bangalore, enhancing the couple’s massage experience is often done through the use of a variety of aromatic oils and aromatherapy options. Tattva Spa offers multiple blends of aromatic oils for each massage session, allowing guests to choose based on their personal preferences. These blends are thoughtfully designed to cater to different relaxation and wellness goals. Here are some of the aromatic oil blends available at Tattva Spa:


Vishram (Relaxation Blend): The Vishram blend is designed to promote deep relaxation and a sense of tranquility. It is an ideal choice for couples looking to unwind and de-stress during their massage.


Dhyana (Meditative Blend): Dhyana is a meditative blend that encourages a calm and focused state of mind. It’s perfect for couples who want to enhance their mental well-being and mindfulness during their massage.


Vishudhi (Purification Blend): The Vishudhi blend focuses on purification and detoxification. It can be chosen by couples seeking a holistic wellness experience to cleanse the body and mind.


Energizing Blend: Tattva Spa may offer an energizing blend for couples looking for a revitalizing and invigorating experience. This blend can provide an energy boost and heightened alertness.


Pain Relief Blend: If you or your partner have specific areas of discomfort or muscle tension, Tattva Spa may provide a pain relief blend to address these issues and promote relief.


By offering a range of aromatic oil blends, Tattva Spa ensures that couples can choose the blend that aligns with their specific relaxation and wellness goals. These blends can enhance the overall massage experience, making it even more enjoyable and personalized for you and your partner.

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