What services are covered by a Tattva Spa voucher?

A Tattva Spa voucher for Diwali typically offers flexibility in terms of services. Instead of specifying particular treatments, these vouchers are usually for a specific monetary amount, which allows the recipient to choose any service or combination of services they prefer at Tattva Spa. The key features of such vouchers are:


Choice of Services: The recipient can use the voucher to pay for a variety of spa treatments offered by Tattva Spa. This includes massages, facials, body therapies, and access to spa facilities like saunas and steam rooms.


Flexibility: The voucher’s monetary value provides flexibility for the recipient to tailor their spa experience to their preferences and needs.


Partial Redemption: If the total cost of the chosen services is less than the voucher’s value, the leftover balance can be retained and used for future visits, ensuring that the full value of the voucher is utilized.


Multiple Visits: Depending on the voucher’s amount and the recipient’s choices, they can make multiple visits to Tattva Spa until the voucher’s value is exhausted.


This flexibility allows the recipient to truly enjoy their spa experience by selecting the services that resonate with them the most, making it a thoughtful and versatile Diwali gift.

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