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The days of gifting an expensive wine bottle or a perfume that the receiver might not like are passe. The latest trend in gifting that is here to stay is Gifting an experience. Experiences that are meaningful and communicate your love & care for the recipient. This is where gifting a Tattva Spa Gift card can never go wrong.

Missed a birthday or need some last-minute gifting ideas? You can still surprise your loved one with a personalized Spa gift card from Tattva. It’s super convenient as you can shop online at the Tattva Spa website, personalize it with a heartfelt note, complete the transaction online and the Gift card delivers instantly. 

Gifting a Spa is like giving a pampering break from the hum-drum of life & responsibilities, like a mini-vacation. A spa gift voucher or a spa package that has been thoughtfully chosen will stand out as a gift. A Spa Gift card works like a charm as a pampering gift for Mom or a surprise gift for dad – our parents have stressed all their lives about our well-being and it is only natural that we gift them something that is not only stress relieving but also takes care of their health.

A Spa Gift card is a really fun gift for a Bride to be or a groom to be and lets them relax before their D-day or even as a couples anniversary gift – a much needed me-time gift. If you are planning a wedding gift for an office colleague, just pool in with the team and you could put together a Spa membership as a gift. Thank us later for the idea!

While other types of gifts can be forgotten and may not be beneficial to the receiver of the gift, a wellness gift such as a spa voucher nudges a person to take care of themselves a little better and shows the receiver that they are genuinely cared for and is an experience to remember.

Our 80+ Tattva Spas are located conveniently across 30 cities in India. Our, that the balance of the panch Tattva in the human body and the universe is what drives wellness & well-being, is at the core of all our therapies. The five forces or Tattvas that are believed to be a part of every living organism are Prithivi, Akash, Jal, Agni, and Vayu. An imbalance between these elements aggravates some of the lifestyle issues that come with the modern lifestyle that we follow.

A massage is always relaxing. A massage done by a certified professional who can understand the symptoms a person is experiencing and suggest therapies, and use oils and herbs according to a person’s need is a different experience altogether.  Our spa therapists, or healers, as we call them, are trained, certified and experts in their basic skills of massage therapy and work really hard to bring the most wonderful experience for you.

Which type of spa gift card to choose?

What is your vision for a gift card? A gift card should be more than a gesture of goodwill, therefore choice is a must. Tattva Spa offers two different types of spa vouchers. 

There is one highly personalized option. In the gifting section of the website, select the amount, choose a card with the appropriate greeting, make the gift card special with a personalised note, and lastly the details. The person receiving the customized gift card can use it for any therapy or beauty treatment of their choice at their desired location. 

The second type is a gift voucher where the services (ranging from individual spas to couple’s packages to memberships)  have been pre-defined and are the most time-efficient gifting option. All the sender has to do is choose the package, and add the personalized note. Additionally, choose the desired location and surprise your loved ones.

To add the cherry on top of the cake, our sister brand VILASA, an extension of the foundation of wellness, curates a hallmark VILASA gifting range for every occasion so that your loved ones can make Wellness a Priority and indulge in exceptional skincare, haircare, bath and body, and aromatherapy rituals.

Tattva Spa gift cards make the entire process of choosing the right gift time efficient and hassle-free. And this is not all. they have more benefits, read along to know better.

Valid for six months

With a validity of six months, your loved ones can enjoy the experience at their convenience. It gives them the freedom to choose when they want to have their spa experience. The person receiving the gift can use the gift voucher for getting ready for a special occasion or for days when they require a pampering session.

High on luxury and exclusivity

Our spas are located in premium five-star hotels. Hotel guests and spa patrons enjoy our professional services alike. The Tattva spa experience is unique. 

Highly experiential and memorable

It’s an experience that is memorable. Some things are better expressed by making a moment special rather than flowers that wither away and are soon forgotten or other such gifts that are forgotten over time. An experience at Tattva spa is an experience to remember. 

Vacations are memorable experiences and so are the times when you got a neck and shoulder massage after a long tiring day/week. 

It’s time to gift a special person the gift of relaxation, rejuvenation, and much-needed pampering. In case of any type of query, please contact us on 9999120413 and our experts will be here to guide you.

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