Which Tattva spa membership should i buy in Haridwar

If you’re wondering which Tattva Spa membership to choose in Haridwar, consider your preferences and the location’s unique benefits. Here are the options and their advantages:

Peace Membership: Indulge in 8 months of spa services at a 25% discount. This option is perfect if you desire occasional pampering sessions and reside near a Tattva Spa location in Haridwar.

Serenity Membership: Immerse yourself in a year-long spa journey with a generous 33.33% discount. This membership suits individuals seeking regular relaxation and the convenience of visiting Tattva Spa throughout the year.

Tranquility Membership: Experience ultimate luxury with 18 months of bliss and an impressive 45% discount. This choice is ideal for spa enthusiasts committed to long-term well-being.

Consider the location’s convenience, your desired frequency of visits, and the desired level of indulgence when selecting your Tattva Spa membership in Haridwar. Embrace a rejuvenating escape that aligns perfectly with your needs.

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