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Tattva Spa in Noida is your perfect oasis of calm. We believe a pampering session at a spa is all you need and rejuvenate and re-energize yourself. We invite you to experience a plethora of rich mystic ayurvedic body massages and the latest contemporary wellness techniques from body spas to foot reflexology, body wraps and facials.

Our spas our designed to transcend you to a state of bliss with a warm, relaxing ambience, soothing music and dim lighting with a dynamic squad of professional therapists. If you are looking to enter a deep state of relaxation Tattva Spa in Noida is the ideal place for you.


Park Plaza, Noida | Best Spa in Noida

Radisson Noida

Sector 55, Kamal Marg, C Block, Noida

Experience tranquility and luxury in the heart of the city with Tattva Spa at the Radisson, Noida. With exquisite decor, lavish rooms and suites with alluring signature amenities, this is the place to be.

Tattva Spa is the best spa in Noida, and has been in the forefront of offering ideal spa packages and exclusive memberships. If relaxation is on your mind, step in to step within. Our healers exhibit an unparalleled commitment to those seeking solace with an extensive range of therapies.

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Tattva Spa, India’s leading chain of spa destinations, invites you to experience rich mystic fusion of the ancient Indian philosophy of ayurvedic body massages and the latest contemporary wellness techniques. With a dynamic squad of professional therapists, our holistic spa treatments are defined to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your senses. We aspire to be a premier pampering place for our customers celebrating special moments of relaxation and indulgence.

Welcome to serenity, welcome to Tattva Spa