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Spa Manager

(3-8 years experience)

Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bangalore

Customer Care Executive

(1-5 years experience)


Regional HR Manager, Tattva Wellness

(1-6 years experience)

Hyderabad, Gurgaon

Learn & Grow

At Tattva, we believe in continuous learning and upskilling. With this we ensure the best services for our customers and the best growth environment for our team members. During your work at Tattva, you will be engaged in a variety of learning & development activities to leverage your strengths and reach your full potential. At our fast growing organization, our front line team members will have opportunities to work across the country, at premium hotels & resorts and grow into leadership roles too. Our corporate team members have the opportunity to work and seek growth in a cross functional environment with freedom to build their own teams and launch meaningful projects targeted for great consumer experiences.

Impact Consumer Well-being

Wellness is a mission. When you join Tattva, you join this mission of spreading well-being and creating memorable moments of relaxation for our discerning guests. You will have the opportunity of working on initiatives that promote wellbeing in a holistic way and be part of team that introduces many firsts-in-the-industry in the area of wellness services & products.

Competitive compensation & benefits

We believe in the well-being of not only our consumers but also our employees. A competitive compensation & benefits like insurance & medical support form the base of a host of other perks that will surprise you. A professional working environment allows for job security & our commitment to fair HR practices, lets you focus on one thing – your professional growth.

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