In search of the perfect birthday gift that will truly make their day extraordinary? Your quest ends here! Tattva Wellness Spa presents birthday gift ideas like no other, featuring our exclusive Birthday Gift Card. Indulge your loved ones in the epitome of relaxation & self-care, where they can escape the daily grind, rejuvenate their spirits, & immerse themselves in a memorable experience.

Unlock a World of Bliss with Tattva Wellness E-Gift Cards!

Whether you crave relaxation, invigoration, or a serene retreat, Tattva Wellness Birthday Gift Cards grant you the freedom to choose from a range of wellness services. Embark on a personalized spa journey, making every moment a cherished experience. Starting from INR 1500, explore different gift card options available at Tattva Wellness Spa. You can also buy a birthday spa voucher of your preferred or chosen value.

Add the Touch of Personalization to Birthday Gifts

At Tattva Wellness, we believe in creating truly a unique gift that goes beyond expectations. Personalize your Tattva Wellness Birthday Spa Gift card with a photo of your choice, transforming it into a cherished keepsake that captures the essence of your relationship. Add a heartfelt message to make it even more special. Our personalized gift cards not only show love and care but also offer an immersive and experiential journey for your loved ones. Let your love shine through with a spa gift card that captures your bond.

Why Choose Tattva Wellness E-Gift Cards?

What Are Others Saying?


Ans 1. A Tattva Spa Birthday Spa gift card is a thoughtful and unique gift that allows the recipient to indulge in a rejuvenating spa experience on their birthday. It serves as a unique and memorable gift, offering the recipient a chance to choose from a range of different spa services.
Ans 2. Purchasing a Tattva Spa birthday gift card online is a hassle-free process. Simply visit the official Tattva Spa website, navigate to the gift card section, and select the "Birthday" category. From there, you can choose the desired denomination, provide your details and recipient's details, and proceed to checkout.
Ans 3. No, you cannot customize the design, however, we offer a variety of design options, allowing you to select one that best suits the recipient's preferences or the occasion. You can customise the spa voucher with a special photo and heartfelt message, adding a personal touch to their relaxation experience.
Ans 4. The Tattva Spa Birthday gift card can be utilized to avail of a wide array of spa services offered by Tattva Spa. Recipients can enjoy various wellness treatments, massages, facials, body scrubs and more, ensuring a blissful and relaxing experience.
Ans 5. Absolutely! The Tattva Spa Birthday gift card is designed to provide flexibility and convenience. It can be used for multiple visits until the balance is exhausted, allowing the recipient to spread out their spa experiences as they desire.
Ans 6. The Tattva Spa Birthday gift card comes with a validity period of 6 months from the date of purchase. After the 6-month period, the gift card will no longer be valid for use, so recipients should plan their spa experiences accordingly to make the most of this thoughtful gift.
Ans 7. No, the birthday gift card is non-transferable and can only be used by the person who originally received it. It is important to keep this in mind when purchasing or receiving the gift card, as it cannot be gifted to a different recipient once it has been issued.
Ans 8. Tattva Spa does not provide refunds for the purchase of the Birthday gift card. If there are any uncertainties or questions, it is advisable to contact Tattva Spa's customer support for clarification before making the purchase.
Ans 9. Generally, there are no additional fees associated with the Tattva Spa Birthday gift card. The amount you pay for the gift card is usually the total value that the recipient can use for spa services.
Ans 10. Tattva Spa e gift card is an instantly delivered gift. After purchasing the Birthday gift card online, it is typically instantly delivered to the recipient via email. This enables the gift to be received promptly, making it an excellent last minute gift option.
Ans 11. Yes, you can include a personalized message with the Tattva Spa Birthday gift card. This allows you to express your warm wishes and surprise your loved one with a memorable gift.
Ans 12. The Tattva Spa Birthday Spa voucher can usually be used for online bookings. Recipients can redeem the gift card and choose a service of their choice during the online booking process.
Ans 13. There are no age restrictions for using the Tattva Spa Birthday spa e gift card.
Ans 14. The minimum denomination for the Tattva Spa Birthday spa gift card is INR 1500. You can select an amount of your choice starting from INR 1500 during the purchase process. This allows you to choose the amount that best fits your gifting budget.
Ans 15. No, there are no blackout dates or restrictions for using the Tattva Spa Birthday gift card. The gift card can typically be redeemed at any time during the spa's operating hours, subject to availability. It offers the recipient the flexibility to choose a date that is convenient for them to enjoy the spa services.
Ans 16. Yes, the Tattva Spa Birthday gift card is generally valid at all Tattva Spa locations, unless specified otherwise. Recipients can choose the spa location that is most convenient for them to enjoy their gifting experience.
Ans 17. No, the Tattva Spa Birthday e gift card cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. The use of multiple promotions or discounts in conjunction with the gift card is not valid.
Ans 18. The process for redeeming the Tattva Spa Birthday gift card at the spa is straightforward. The recipient typically needs to present the gift card at the time of payment for their chosen spa services. The spa staff will then process the payment using the gift card's balance.
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